BK Magazine’s Top Tables is the most independent and most respected dining guide in Bangkok. Here’s why.

BK remains Bangkok’s only magazine that conducts independent, anonymous food reviews. Every year, we also put together a panel of 30 Bangkok-based foodies to select the city’s top 100 restaurants. Here’s how the process works.


In January,  BK Magazine creates a shortlist of some 200 restaurants:


• Last year’s Top Tables restaurants
• Major new openings
• Select advertisers


BK then selects 30 panelists:


• 4 BK food writers and editors
• 26 foodies we know to eat out a lot. Some of them may be involved in restaurants (more on that later).


The panelists are given the shortlist. For each restaurant, they choose:


•  Keep it.
•  Cut it.
•  I don’t know.


We then keep only the places with the best Yes:No ratios. 


How do you select the Top 30? 


Each panelist selects their top 10 restaurants. Every restaurant they rank #1 gets 20 points, down to 11 points for a #10 position. (So if a restaurant gets picked in two lists as #10, that’s better than getting picked by only one judge as #1.) We tally all that and we get the Top 30 list. We always ignore any and all votes cast for venues that panelists are involved with. 


Is your list of panelists public?


No. We don’t particularly want them getting courted by award-savvy PRs.


Do advertisers get preferential treatment?


Beyond the fact that they’re included in the shortlist, no. The panelists vote on the Official Selection and the Top 30 and we keep only the top ranked places. 

Think you’ve got what it takes to be on the panel? Have suggestions on how we can improve? Email food@asia-city.co.th.