An up-and-coming neighborhood in town—with three to four new restaurants to show off—Hometown joins the crowd with a classic gelato concept featuring vintage tastes and contemporary flair.
More than a check in spot for teens, Hometown aims to be a cozy hangout space for adults as well. The cafe pulls inspiration from its surroundings and puts it all in their ice cream bowl.
Read the menu once and you’ll know exactly what’s in store—that is if you’re familiar with Thai snacks. We opted for Kanom Kai Gelato (B179), a Thai fluffy egg pastry-inspired gelato served alongside homemade kanom kai that pays homage to the famous charcoal grill egg pastry. The gelato itself still has texture from tiny egg pastry bits, adding a fun little texture to nibble. It’s topped with cashew nuts roasted in caramel and drizzled with strawberry sauce to lighten the tartness. 
If you’re not a fan of milky flavors or if you’re not big on lactose, we suggest trying the Som Chun Gelato (B189). This menu item is a twist from Loy Kaew, a refreshing Thai dessert usually served with citrus-y fruits and syrup. Here they’ve gone for a gelato sorbet made from Seville orange and served with guava poached in lemon. At the bottom, you’ll catch some lime jelly while the top offers lychee jelly coated in pink chocolate.
Apart from gelato, they also offer some intriguing drinks like the Hometown Affogato (B149) which is topped with the Hometown-style egg pastry. But if you’re more of a Thai tea enthusiast, go for their House Blend Thai Tea (B85).
83 Phirom, Charoen Krung 3 Alley, 086-888-8636, Open Thurs-Tues 9am-5pm.
This article was produced with BK Magazine partner Soimilk.