Craving a cheat day but don’t want to ruin that beach body? Try these healthier spins on your favorite foods. 

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Broccoli Quinoa Charcoal Burger at Broccoli Revolution 

Arguably the trendy vegan restaurant’s most famous dish, this burger is made up of a broccoli quinoa patty, mango tomato salsa, a dill spread and a cranberry charcoal bun, all packed into a hearty burger that’s both healthy and filling. Plus, it’s served with parsnip, potato and turnip fries to satisfy those carb cravings.

Health tip: Research has shown that broccoli can help reduce the risk of many types of cancer, including breast cancer, prostate cancer and lung cancer, thanks to its high content of nutrients like vitamin C, potassium and zinc, to name a few.

899 Sukhumvit Rd, 095-251-9799


Sunflower flaxseed crust and veggie pizza at Rasayana Raw food café

Rasayana Retreat’s cafe spin-off serves some of the best raw-vegan food in town. Not only are the dishes made using no meat, wheat, dairy products or processed food, but they’re also strictly cooked at temperatures under 42 degrees Celsius. This unique pizza, fresh pineapple chunks, tomatoes, marinated veggies and macadamia cream, puts a much healthier spin on the all-time favorite Hawaiian pizza.

Health tip: Flax seeds are great sources of omega 3 fatty acids, which help reduce inflammation in the body that can lead to health problems like asthma, migraines and arthrosis, as well as helping to increase bone strength.

Soi Prom-mitr, 57 Soi Sukhumvit 39, 02-662-4803


Wholewheat pancakes at Brekkie

This stack of thick, puffy pancakes is guaranteed to kickstart your morning with something as filling as it is healthy. Forget maple syrup and butter; these grease-free pancakes come topped with ricotta cheese, fruits and coconut butterscotch—absolutely delicious. You can also order them with a side of low-calorie chocolate ice cream.

Health tip: Grains that still contain parts of the original kernel, or whole grains, are packed with nutrients including proteins, antioxidants, fiber and vitamins, to name a few. With that comes a variety of health benefits, ranging from improved digestion to regulating blood sugar to lowered risk of stroke.

6/9 Soi Promsri, Sukhumvit Soi 39, 083-656-6141


Zucchini noodles at Veganerie concept

It’s hard to find healthy pasta alternatives that satisfy your carb-driven cravings, but this is the closest we’ve tasted. Not only is the pasta made of zucchini rather than flour, but it’s also served with a delicious tomato and basil sauce that complements a special imported soy sausage with a very convincing texture.

Health tip: Aside from being very rich in fiber, zucchini is also extremely low in calories despite its ability to quickly make you full—a great way to fulfill those hunger pangs while sticking to your diet. 

35/2 Soi Methiniwet (Sukhumvit Soi 24), behind Benjasiri Park, 02-258-8489


Wheat-free, soymilk blueberry chocolate tart at Absolute Fit Food

This clean-eating hotspot from the Absolute wellness empire serves up some of the best guilt-free desserts in town. They make their blueberry tart using spelt flour instead of wheat, along with cocoa powder, blueberries, almonds and coconut oil. Grab it to go with some freshly squeezed juice and you’ve got yourself a great snack.

Health tip: Unlike dairy milk, which contains high levels of saturated fat and cholesterol, soymilk contains zero cholesterol, making it great for lowering blood pressure, and cholesterol levels as well as fighting coronary heart diseases. 

3/F, The Portico, Soi Langsuan, 02-041-8988

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