Four restaurants are now offering new menu items: Balzac Brasserie, Tandoor, Skinny Pizza and Suprette.

Balzac Brasserie is now offering dishes like kurobuta pork ragu ($26) and baby scallops with truffle butter ($26). Stalwart Indian restaurant Tandoor has just been renovated featuring a slick new design and an expansive menu including not only northern Indian specialties but also regional dishes such as Goan fish curry ($28) and mango curry ($22), as well as contemporary recipes like jalepeno corn kebab (from $12).

Skinny Pizza is offering three new pizza flavors: satay chicken, dijon chicken and coriander pesto, and moroccan chicken. Plus, there's the Pizza Pop, a single-serve pizza. Over at Suprette, the latest cocktail menu includes fresh concoctions such as Good…Let the Hate Flow Through You ($16), a mix of absinthe, lemon and ginger beer.