If you’re in the habit of burning through your pockets with an umami combination of oysters and glasses of wine, this Sathorn’s French bistro might prolong your bankruptcy for a little longer. 
Every Friday, Alpea brings some of the finest oysters sourced from Jean Paul Guernier and Utah Beach to pair up with not one but two glasses of wine of your choice (white or rose wine). For six pieces, Jean Paul Guernier oysters start at B1,200 and 10 will set you back B1,600. 
Opened in December last year, Alpea is an ambitious project of Bangkok’s most vaunted French chef, Arnaud Dunand, where he loosens his grasp of haute cuisine to cook intimate dishes. The restaurant shares space with his fine-dining establishment Maison Dunand, which recently won one Michelin star. 
55 Soi Sueksa Witthaya, Silom,  065-639-0515, Every Friday 5pm-7pm.