Ore, the exclusive eight-seat chef’s table above BK Salon in Sathu Pradit, opened its doors on January 29, following months of anticipation, spearheaded by Dimitrios Moudios (also the executive chef of Lahnyai).
Hailing from Greece and on the culinary scene since the young age of 14, Moudios brings pedigree from esteemed establishments, including a stint at the 3 Michelin-starred Atelier in Munich and engagements at world-class restaurants spanning Chile, Denmark, Switzerland, and The Netherlands. 
The name “Ōre” goes back to Moudios' roots and is derived from the Greek term for “something you like.” The space is a playhouse for fine dining enthusiasts, where the open kitchen is a stage, offering a carte blanche tasting menu of 25 to 30 dishes. The interior is influenced by Japanese and Nordic design styles, exuding a minimalist charm, featuring a long wooden counter and creating a serene and almost monastic ambiance. Here, Moudios and his team of three chefs work in silence.
The concept at Ore is borderless dining, stripping away all culinary excess and returning to the basics, minimalism combined with an extreme level of precision, artistry, and elegance. Fresh spring water sourced from Sai Yok is the cornerstone, untouched by machinery, ensuring a pure base for cooking. They exclusively use organic veggies because only high-quality vegetables allow for simple cooking. They use cooking techniques such as grilling, smoking, steaming, boiling, baking, and pickling.
Keep in mind, the minimalism doesn't equate to simple; some of the best examples of paired-back cuisines are complex. This natural, understated touch has resulted in dishes with strawberry, cherry blossoms lardo cured with maakwen and maakwen tsukudani, or their 120 days of dry-aged meat placed on top of wrapped seaweed mixed with black durian and rice. They also offer a Thai spirit or tea pairing by Dominik Jurasz. 
Ore is trying for a stripped-back, breathable fine dining experience.
11, 31 Sathu Pradit Rd., Open Mon-Fri 6pm-9pm.