Whether it’s a comforting refresher, an afterschool snack, or a cheeky afternoon treat before heading back to the office, if you live in Thailand you know what it’s like chasing after ice cream trolleys. Enter Coconut Culture, a coconut milk-based ice cream shop that’s taking this childhood darling to the next level.  
The coconut ice cream is ubiquitous, but there hasn’t been a shop that adds something new to this nostalgic favorite in a long time. That’s when co-founders Sasi “Manow” Therdteerakul and Ekawit “Wit” Chepanukroh decided to give it their contemporary spin. 
When the idea began to take shape, Manow and Wit took a gelato making course using milk as a base. Making it their own, the pair adapted the recipe and switched to a coconut milk base instead. 

This means their ice cream is dairy free and adds that distinctive aroma. The shop currently has more than 10 revolving flavors, original, pistachio (fan fav), seasalt caramel, peanut butter, and more. 
“Thai people have been consuming coconut ice cream for a long time, it’s part of our life and part of our culture,” Manow says.
The toppings are also carefully thought out to offset and balance the creaminess. The salted egg cookie, for example, is shaped like a coconut tree and made from a homemade recipe. While the thong muan waffles (Thai crispy rolls) have their own crispiness that sets it apart from any other regular waffle. 

If you want to go all out, ask for a sprinkle of their best-selling grilled butter corn, inspired by the caramelized cups of kernels typically found at Thai festivals or local temple fairs. Here, the pairing of coconut milk sticky rice (kao neao moon)—yes, the same one from mango sticky rice—doesn’t overpower the ice cream. It’s less sweet but still rich.
The inspiration is reflected in the decor: colored tiles that mimic the woven patterns of Thai flannel cloth (pha khao ma), galvanized iron tin roof, and retro typography synonymous with old shop houses. This ice cream spot paints a picture of Thainess that manages to gives a familiar feel without becoming a collection of cliche Thai merch. 
The venue is also a multi-storey building with the second floor belonging to the homey Pulse coffee house overlooking its lush green surroundings. 
“If the brand were a person, they’re not a complicated character. Someone who is chill, fun, and easy to understand,” co-founder Wit shares with BK.
100/6, Phra Athit Rd., 063-623-9545. Open daily 11am-9pm.