Gone are the days of flying across provinces to satisfy your khao soi cravings, the bustling Chiang Mai born spot Khao-So-i now has a franchise in Bangkok. 
The restaurant concept originated during Covid-19 from a family recipe that slowly developed into a fusion cuisine. Taking pointers from the Japanese noodle preparation processes, such as ramen and udon, the aim is to boost khao soi’s visibility to an international audience and make the dish synonymous with other Thai food staples. 
At this joint, egg noodles are served with two methods. The first version is probably the one that khao soi lovers will be familiar with: ladeled in a steamy rich broth and a choice of meat. The second option is reminiscent of the stir-fried yakisoba, frying up the braised noodles with the restaurant’s secret sauce. 
Another highlight of Khao-So-i is the selection of imported quality meat, with juicy wagyu slices, fresh scallops, braised pork, and the classic chicken pairing—this place has it all. 
The East Asian touches don’t stop at their main course. Equally popular are the side dishes which cover dumplings, fried tofu, and bite sized chili-roasted pork neck. Both locations only accept walk-ins, and you can see the full menu here.
4/2-3, Convent Rd., 062-591-3791, Open daily 10:30am-9pm (last order at 8:30pm).
Photo: Khao-Sō-i side dishes / Facebook
Photo: Khao-Sō-i / Facebook