This rose tea ice cream will make you queue twice.

A couple of months ago, Thailand’s classic tea brand Cha Tra Mue sent Bangkok into a frenzy with its Thai tea soft serve

After following it up with a green tea flavor, the brand is now rolling out a real treat: its infamous rose tea soft serve. 

Originally launched in February this year as a Valentine’s special, Cha Tra Mue’s rose tea flavor quickly became the talk of the town, not only for its authentic flavors but also its supposed laxative effect. 

Only available at the pop-up on the ground floor of Siam Paragon through May 25, the new soft serve is priced at B60 a go. 

The brand's Facebook post about the rose tea flavor has garnered over 4.5k likes and a thousand share within three hours, with many comments turning to the topic of bowel movements. 

One of the top comments reads, “As soon as you take it in, you discharge it.”

Beware, the pop-up might not be the only place with a queue at Siam Paragon this month. 


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