In Bangkok, seagulls may not swoop in to steal your chips, but there are plenty of imposters serving up soggy fish batter and bland chips. Since entering the food scene, Fishmonger has been the talk of the town for its OG fish and chippery, and with its second branch recently unveiled in Ari last year, anticipation was high. Fish and chip lovers just can’t resist.  
Stepping into Fishmonger, the exterior resembles a quaint boathouse, triggering summer holiday nostalgia. The building's facade is painted with their huge blue logo, and the casual interior is rustic dark wood and white with a nautical theme. For those preferring al fresco dining, a few patio seats are available. Fishmonger offers a selection of locally sourced fish, ranging from medium to firm, all from Koh Lanta, the owner's home island. Diners can choose between several prep styles,  including fish and chips, grilled fish with salad, and a burger. 
First up was the classic Fish and Chips with John’s Snapper at a medium texture (B280)—arriving in just under five minutes. The batter had a good hold on the snapper, with a delicate crunch and crackle. The consistency of the batter was a light golden blanket like tempura batter, compared to the hardened armor you sometimes get with Bangkok battered fish. The chips, too, were fluffy and crunchy. The shine on your fingers reminds you that the fish is fried, and you’ll need reminding because there aren’t any superfluous drops of oil. 
The dish was accompanied by their homemade tartar sauce, and we ordered the Truffle Mayo (B30), a delectable addition to the traditional condiments. The menu would be even further improved if they offered vinegar or chicken salt as a seasoning and if their skin-on chips were roughly hand-cut and crispier. 
The fish burger with black kingfish with a firm texture (B210) was next up—like a filet-o-fish, but better. The large piece of battered kingfish was juicy, overflowing from the burger, and generously coated with their tartar sauce. Impressively, the kingfish's crust remained intact and didn't go soggy from being wedged between the lettuce and sauce. The fluffy burger buns acted like pillows, not sandbags, and helped keep the focus on the filling. 
The Louisiana squid (B170) was well-seasoned, smokey, and juicy. While the mushy peas (B60) lacked the desired mushiness, the smoky essence added a depth of flavor. Though disappointed by the absence of scalloped potatoes, this didn’t rain on the parade, as everything else was spot on. Overall, portions were generous, the food was speedy,  and the food was high quality.   
It’s safe to say that your hunt for authentic fish and chips can end at Fishmonger. 
10, 6 Ari 4 Alley., 092-956-1905, Open Sun-Thurs 12pm-9pm, Fri & Sat 12pm-10pm