Burger King has yet again returned with not one but two strange new burgers with black and pink buns. And if you thought this was some cheeky cross promotion with global K-pop icons Blackpink, think again.
Thankfully, the burgers do not include any chocolate, nor are they stacked with 20 slices of American cheese like the past two abominations from Burger King this year. What they will do is catch the attention of uninformed burger lovers with distinct black and pink buns—that, frankly, look disgusting.
The Black Whopper Junior, with Thai black pepper sauce drizzled over its beef patty smooshed between two black buns, is priced at THB149.
The even more frightening Pink Fish Fillet Burger comes covered with cocktail sauce and two hot pink buns. It’s priced at a forgiving THB79. 
This isn’t the first time these two burgers have appeared on Burger King’s menu. The Black and Pink pair first saw action in 2021 but with slightly different ingredients. Then, the Black Burger had grilled onions and the Pink Burger had salmon instead of the standard fish fillet. 
Burger King continues to delight and befuddle customers with its bizarre limited-time burgers. Earlier this year, Coconuts reviewed its chocolate burger and “real” cheeseburger. We gave a hard pass to both. 
This article was originally published by our partner publication Coconuts Bangkok.