Set amid the busy streets of Bantadthong—which now boasts tourist and local foodie gems alike—Table of Contents repackages nostalgic Thai street food desserts into European style pastries.
Photo: Tamarind Custard / BK Magazine
Co-owner Paloma “Dream” Bavornvanich says she and her friends are avid cafe hoppers, and they want to create a space of their own.
The shop stands out with its contemporary, clinical white walls—like Kim Kardashian’s minimalist estate—but, the similarities end there, and thankfully so.
The interior is a lot more playful with nods to stainless accents, royal blue, and coral hues filling in the color palette and thankfully won’t make you nervous about staining the couches with your order. 
Playing into their asterisk logo, Dream explains that the design is inspired by the overlapping shape of queen chess pieces. Hence why you’ll glimpse an artsy chess piece suspended in mid-air between the first floor and the mezzanine. 
The cafe provides comfortable seating for couples on a date, solo flyers, and groups can hang with sofas big enough to support your outstretched legs. The third floor is also set to open another resto so keep your eyes peeled.
The line up of “doughko,” a mash up between the fluffy donut texture and the airy patongko buns, is currently the bestseller, coming with eight Thai-style fillings. 
Photo: Khanom Krok Kao Pod Dougko / BK Magazine
For those with a sweet tooth, we recommend the Khanom Krok Kao Pod (B120) flavor which hits the creamy coconut milk notes and is topped with a row of glistening smoked corn. 
But if you’re not a fan of sweets, the Tamarind Custard (B120) is a good alternative. The tangy tamarind acts as a sort of refreshing jam while the whipped cream on top is dusted with little chili flakes for some complexity. 
Photo: Mo-Kang Cheesecake / BK Magazine
Other desserts like the Mo-Kang Cheesecake (B160) reflect the Thai style egg flan and the Grilled Rice with Taro Canele (B95) brings about original flavors with a shift in consistency. 
Table of Contents has also cut BK readers a special deal—though we didn’t ask for it. If you mention that you know of the shop from BK, you’ll get a free canele. 
For something more familiar, you can try the Dirty Coffee with Pandan (B180, B160 regular option). It’s served with a single Thong Yot, also called “gold egg yolk drops”—balanced sweetness on the nutty scale.
21 Chulalongkorn 16, 089 791 6556, Open Mon-Fri 7:30am-10pm; Sat-Sun 8am-10pm.