Over the past year, Empty Plates has ingeniously transformed a Ladprao apartment into a warm and intimate, under-the-radar 10-seat fine dining institution.

Always seeking new challenges, Swiss-Thai chef-owner Steven John has recently launched a monthly "Vegan Tasting" dinner. Priced at B2,000 per person, the seven courses (plus a welcome cocktail) center around organic, local vegetables, herbs and fruits. Whether you're a hardcore vegan or just curious, this is the perfect place to try new things.

Though the menu varies each time, you can expect dishes like the Fake Bloody Tartar, an inventive play on steak tartare that sees tomatoes peeled, seeded and squeezed dry of liquid for a uniquely firm and meaty texture. The dressing is a mix of traditional Dijon, shallot, garlic and pickles, with hits of horseradish and Sriracha, and the dish is served with delicious home-baked bread.

The Radical Cabbage entree is a flavor explosion, with nutty fermented soy bean, smoked peas, shallot, potato and bok choy. Fruit is reinvented in savory dishes like the rambutan ceviche with fiery red chili and refreshing Thai basil foam, while dessert could see mango served with crunchy pistachios, kaffir lime-infused whipped coconut cream and luscious soy milk salted caramel ice cream.

The social atmosphere encourages you to interact with fellow diners, allowing you to exchange vegan tips and secrets.

The next vegan night will be held on May 26. To book, visit the website or Facebook page

Empty Plates, Ladprao Soi 18, 093-324-0078.