Albricias, the Spanish specialists tucked away on the fourth floor of Chatrium Residence Sathorn deep in Sathorn territory, has been a Sathorn restaurant on the city’s dining radar for several years now, picking up some culinary awards along the way for its steadfast, regional take on Spanish cuisine. This Spanish restaurant in Bangkok was the first Spanish venue in all of Thailand to win the Restaurantes de España Award—a prestigious hallmark of Spanish culinary champions across the globe presented by Spain’s Ambassador to Thailand. 

Just recently, the restaurant announced the arrival of its new executive chef, David Aparicio, who boasts over 22 years in Mediterranean cuisine—many of those spent under the tutelage of Chef Martin Berasategui, a Spanish cooking legendy who holds 12 Michelin stars across the globe. The arrival of Chef Aparicio also beckoned the launch of a new menu, which highlights a balance of sorts between Spanish cooking traditionalism and some exploratory stabs into the world of fusion flavors. 

BK recently caught up with Chef Aparicio during a recent “Discover Spain” event at Tops Food Hall in collaboration with the Embassy of Spain to discuss his past work as a chef, what he thinks of Spanish food, and his plans taking over the reins of the award-winning Albricias. 



David Aparicio

Executive Chef at Albricias


With more than two decades in the culinary world, tell us about your own journey and what inspired you to become a chef. 

My journey as a chef began with a love for making food that brings people joy. Growing up in the northern region of Spain (Basque Country), where food is an integral part of daily life and rich culinary heritage, I've spent over 20 years honing my skills and exploring new flavors. Inspired by these Spanish cooking traditions, I've been driven by the joy of seeing smiles on diners' faces as they savor each bite of my creations, making every moment in the kitchen worthwhile.


Spanish cooking is gaining a fairly good foothold in Bangkok. What is unique about your cooking?

What makes my cooking unique is how I create new recipes every time I arrive at a new destination. My creative process is both peculiar and exciting. First, I immerse myself in the essence, energy, and flavors of the surroundings, and through that experience, I begin to create recipes with a unique and special character. I blend Spanish recipes with Thai ingredients, flavors, and energy. It's about creating dishes that reflect both cultures, adding a little twist to classic Spanish recipes. I believe this fusion not only delights the local palate but also celebrates the diversity of culinary traditions, offering guests an exciting culinary experience.



“It's about creating dishes that reflect both cultures, adding a little twist to classic Spanish recipes.” 

- David Aparicio, executive chef at Albricias


Can you tell us about some of your career highlights in the Mediterranean restaurant industry? Any particularly memorable Michelin restaurant moments?

Working in Michelin-starred restaurants in Spain has been a highlight of my career. Learning from renowned chefs like Martín Berasategui has been incredible, shaping the way I cook. Having lived the experience of earning Michelin stars from scratch to the third, undoubtedly, are indescribable sensations. Each experience has been a step in my journey, teaching me valuable lessons about precision, discipline, creativity, and the art of combining flavors in any possible scenario, without losing the magic and passion for what we do.



Let’s talk about Albricias. How is it different from other fine dining in Bangkok spots? What inspires your flavors?

Albricias offers a unique high cuisine experience by seamlessly blending Spanish flavors with a relaxed ambiance. Unlike other formal dining establishments, we prioritize creating a cozy environment where guests feel at home. Our culinary inspiration comes from incorporating premium products imported from Spain into our dishes, ensuring the highest quality and authenticity. However, what makes this happen is a combination of tradition and innovation. From traditional yet playful flavors to creative presentations, each dish is crafted with care and, above all, with great enjoyment while creating it. Without these ingredients, we cannot guarantee delighting our guests while maintaining the essence of top-notch cuisine.


“At Albricias, we're not just about good food. We want every guest to feel like they're part of our family. From the moment you walk in, it's all about creating memories that last.” 

- David Aparicio, executive chef at Albricias



What are some must-try dishes on your new menu for dinner in Bangkok? What makes them stand out?

Some must-try dishes on our new menu include our Arroz Negro con Carabineros y Almejas en Salsa Verde. What sets it apart is the perfect balance of succulent grilled carabineros and the briny sweetness of clams, all enveloped in a vibrant green sauce. Crafted with Bomba Valencia rice cooked with precision using traditional Spanish socarrat technique—a method that involves achieving a crispy, caramelized layer of rice at the bottom of the paella pan—each bite offers a rich mix of flavors. With a crispy, caramelized layer adding a final flourish, this dish promises a truly satisfying dining experience.


Tell us something guests don’t expect from a tapas bar in Bangkok dining experience at Albricias.

At Albricias, we're not just about good food. We want every guest to feel like they're part of our family. From the moment you walk in, it's all about creating memories that last. Our team is dedicated to providing exceptional service and a warm atmosphere, ensuring that every visit is a special experience to cherish. We continuously innovate in creating new menu ideas, and we hope our guests leave excited to come back again and try new dishes, continually discovering the creativity and passion we put into every meal.


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