Ramen fans listen up, the original Ichiran Ramen will be opening a pop up store on the third floor of Central World, Nippon Market Zone (Old Isetan)—offering limited servings of 750 orders per day. 
Since its launch over 60 years ago, the legendary noodle shop slowly gained a cult following across the region, having recently expanded its world ramen domination with brief visits to neighboring countries. Now, Ichiran Ramen is finally giving Thai fans a pop-up slot. 
The restaurant is known for its homemade tonkotsu fukuoka-style broth and private booth seating that makes it feel like sneaking in a couple of bites in a classroom—except it’s a full course meal.
Customers will also be given a checklist to circle their preferences detailing the texture of the noodles, richness of the broth, the amount of vegetables, garlic, and heat. This might not be the place for family gatherings or hours-long sit down dinners, but it’s certainly heaven for picky eaters and those who have a strict no-sharing policy. This exam room gimmick began so customers will focus on the dish in front of them. 

Keep in mind that this pop-up store is not to be mistaken with the other copycat diners that have risen up over the years. Previously, Thailand has also imported instant ‘Ichiran Ramen’ noodles but this will be the first time to taste the original recipe in-person experience at the officially licensed store. Click here for more information.