Inspired by South American dining, The Pablo has established a new all-day dining concept on the busy sois of Asoke. 
There’s an outdoor patio area that will come in handy now that the hottest month is over, but if you don’t want to gamble with the rain, the inside is glamorous. With walls painted in a classic navy blue and contrasting dark chocolate plush sofas, this vintage joint effuses a homey vibes. 
Photo: Eggs Benedict / BK Magazine
The king of the brunch hours (from 9am-3pm) is, as ever, the eggs benny (B430)—a dish that separates players from the professionals. Pablo’s eggs Benedict is poached to perfection; the creamy yolk sits on a bed of generously seasoned cured salmon gravlax and a slice of the famous Conkey's Bakery toast. The paprika dusting creates flavors reminiscent of devilled eggs and the special citrus hollandaise gives it a unique kaffir lime aroma. 
Photo: Pablo Breakfast Plate / BK Magazine
For the full brekkie experience, the Pablo Breakfast Plate (B450) is loaded with fresh sauteed veggies and scrambled eggs, both quite mild in flavor, allowing the spicy sausage and uber-thick slice of bacon to do the talking. 
Photo: Fish & Chips / BK Magazine
For you Brits and Aussies out there, the Fish & Chips (B395) uses Indonesian-imported sea bass wrapped in a thin layer of batter. The fish is left with a satisfying crisp on the outside and maintains the soft but firm texture on the inside. The sweet taste from the meat goes with the tartare sauce and crunchy lightly salted fries.
Photo: Chicken quesadilla / BK Magazine
Going back to the South American dining style, their chicken quesadilla (B285) is a great dish to share. It may look deceivingly thin but the tortillas are absolutely stuffed with flavorful corn, tomatoes, and a dollop of cream cheese on top. The thin layer and generous filling means it can get soggy fast, so snaffle this as soon as it’s served.  
Photo: Creme brulee / BK Magazine
To round off the brunch, their creme brulee is a not-too-sweet dessert with a smooth, light custard-y bottom and a thin caramelized top. The blueberries help round out the flavor and add an extra tarty dimension.
Photo: Panna cotta / BK Magazine
Since the business extends into the evening hours, they also have a set of classic and signature cocktails to try out. 
For those who want something a little refreshing, go for the Cilantro Y Flores (B320). This might smell very green because of the cilantro but it ends up tasting more zesty and minty. 
Pablo’s menu isn’t necessarily reinventing the wheel but delivers an impressive range from brunch to nightcap for hungry downtown diners. 
2, Soi Sukhumvit 25, 081-142-5317, Open daily 9-12am.