A series of leaked emails sent to BK Magazine yesterday revealed that the Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants committee originally wanted Sorn, not Le Du, to win the No. 1 ranking at their annual restaurant awards earlier this week. However, no one on the committee could book a table at the Southern Thai favorite, which is famous for its months-long waiting list. Unable to attain a free meal at Sorn, the committee members were forced to choose a different restaurant as the best in Asia.
“I’ve sent emails, LINE messages, phoned over and over,” one email reads. “I even stood outside waving a sign saying ‘ASIA’S 50 BEST PLEASE LET US IN’ and they just politely asked me to leave.”
“I get that normal people can’t get in, but don’t they know who we are?” another committee member wrote. “This leaves a bad taste in my mouth, let’s find someone else for No. 1.” 
BK Magazine reached out to Sorn for comment on the leaked emails, which you can read here
“I’m sorry, we’re fully booked,” a member of the cleaning staff said over the phone. “Try calling back in a month or so na ka.”
When reached via LINE and assured BK Magazine was only looking for a quote, Sorn’s LINE account responded: “For International diners, please wait for the next reservation round to open.” 
Without a Thailand restaurant in the top spot, Asia’s 50 Best executives worried that popularity for the awards show would continue to wane. 
“We need a Thai Land [sic] restaurant,” a high ranking executive wrote in the email thread. “Look how popular we became when Gaggan was number one. No one cares about Hong Kong and Singapore restaurants anymore. We need a Thai!!!!!” 
Eventually, the committee settled on Bangkok fine-dining staple Le Du for the awards’ top honors. Sorn was demoted to 9th place. 
“You can always get a spot at Le Du from last-minute cancellations,” one executive wrote. “It’s quite nice. All you need to do is to follow chef Ton’s IG. Plus, he has a great smile.”
[This article is a fictional work of satire for April Fool's Day and does not describe actual events that happened or represent the opinions of Coconuts Media or BK Magazine.]