Banyan Tree

Made fresh daily at the hotel's Chinese restaurant, Bai Yun, the mooncakes come with the hotel’s unique logo printed on the face. Fillings range from the traditional red bean, black sesame and lotus seed to the more updated assorted nuts, durian, custard, jujube and walnut, and Chinese chestnut. Price B165. 


Priced at B115 per cake, Conrad’s delicious mooncakes come in five favorite flavors: custard, durian, white lotus, multigrain and red bean. The unique vertical-oriented collectible gift box of eight cakes is also available at B1,950.

Dhara Dhevi

On top of colorful macarons, this Chiang Mai dessert brand also does four flavors of mooncakes: cream custard, durian with egg yolk, jujube paste and lotus seed paste with egg yolk. Recommended to be paired with a cup of Dhara Dhevi tea, a set of eight mooncakes with a box is priced at B588.

Grand Hyatt Erawan

Fine and elegant, Grand Hyatt Erawan offers nothing but classic options. With the hotel’s signature elephant stamp on top, two flavors are available, namely durian paste and lotus seed paste, both with an egg yolk at the very center. A set of mooncakes (B1,588) includes one large durian paste mooncake as well as six small lotus seed paste mooncakes.

The Peninsula

Offering one of the best-selling custard mooncakes in Bangkok, Peninsula’s Chinese restaurant Mei Jiang goes full force on custard this year, leaving other flavors behind. Priced at B650 per box of eight cakes, the golden yellow little treats are filled with well-balanced custard while the dough is a bit crusty and packed with a nice baked-pastry aroma. An individual piece can also be bought at B180.


Hong Kong’s renowned mooncake specialist is available in Thailand for the first time. Known for the award-winning white lotus seed mooncake with a special double-roasted salted egg yolk, and the rich custard lava mooncake, Mei-Xin (aka Maxim’s) is one not to be missed. Sold alongside are the traditional red bean and mixed nut flavors as well as an aromatic oolong tea variety. A set of 4 pieces is priced at B855. 


For the first time, cutesy French-style dessert specialist Moonne celebrates the Chinese festival with the launch of its original mooncakes. Moonne’s eight flavors are influenced by other desserts, including custard (Madagascan vanilla custard with salted egg yolk), The Gold (chocolate filled with salted egg yolk) and blueberry cheesecake (cheesecake crust filled with blueberry cake). In addition to the ordinary round-shaped cakes, the shop offers specially-shaped versions of the same flavors. Both sets are available in teak wooden box for B1,650 and B1,750.

Shangri-La Hotel

Added to Shang Palace’s five conventional flavors—cream custard, durian, lotus seed, red bean and mixed fruits and nuts—are new flavors like green tea cookies and cream, taro gingko and chestnut almond. On top of that, there’s also a premium snow-skin cream custard with bird nest mooncake available. A set of 4-8 pieces is priced starting at B688 and comes in an exquisite handbag-like box with drawers.

Simply W

British brand Whittard of Chelsea’s cafe Simply W also joins to celebrate the occasion with eight distinguished flavors that are not only tasty and aromatic, but also shaped in unique designs. A box of 4-8 pieces is priced starting at B790 while an individual cake is also available at B175.


The delectable Malaysian brand has been creating new flavors and styles of mooncakes year after year. While the original flavors like durian remain, there are also some interesting updates. The Hummingbird, for example, comprises five layers of pastry, coconut butter skin, thick banana white lotus seed paste, salted cream-cheese mung bean paste and pineapple. Prices start from B188.

All the mooncakes featured in this list can be found at Emquartier's mooncake festival on the M-floor from Sep 16-27.