Mark International Coffee Day (Sep 29) by sampling some of these bittersweet drinks.

A harmonious mix of strong hot coffee, creamy baileys, sweet hazelnut liquor and fluffy whipped cream, this warming beverage’s a great nightcap.
$14 at Café & Bar Gavroche

Le Cafe Cocktail
Spiked with Courvoisier VS cognac and port, this nondescript-looking cupful is surprisingly potent. Though it doesn't actually contain any coffee and is served chilled, it also boasts a layer of “crema” created with frothy egg yolk. The little squares of cognac and grand marnier jelly served alongside provide an extra boozy hit.
$16 at Fordham & Grand

The Melbournite
Sip this coffee-based tipple either warm (a hot Melbournite) or iced (a cold Melbournite). Both options comprise a shot of Black Cat Coffee Absinthe—a Spanish spirit combining aniseed flavor with a good dose of caffeine— plus espresso. It works as an after dinner digestif as well as the morning after a party: the concoction serves as both hair of the dog and your morning cuppa.
$18 at Intrepid Gastro Bar


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