Talk about exotic!

Always been an adventurous foodie? Find out what Bhutanese cuisine is like when The Soup Spoon launches its seasonal Bhutanese-inspired soups from March 20 to May 14.

There will be three choices to pick from, including a beef and radish stew (which has glass noodles, New Zealand grass fed beef, white radish, potatoes, carrots, mushrooms, green chilli and French beans), a spicy chicken stew (features marinated chicken thigh, Bhutanese red rice, chilli and spinach), and a vegetable chilli cheese soup (contains roasted cauliflower, cheese and Bhutanese red rice).

Director of The Soup Spoon Anna Lim, fresh from a visit to the country, was so intrigued by the local cuisine that she decided to bring the exotic flavors over to Singapore (even though it's only for a short period of time).

"Bhutanese cuisine is very much influenced by Indian and Chinese food. Chilli and cheese are commonly used in most of their dishes. What left the deepest impression from my visit was ema datshi (chilli with cheese) and ezay (dried chilli salad)—two dishes that I had never tried before," said Lim when asked what was so special about Bhutanese fare.