1. Fried teriyaki pork at Moo Tod Chaowang (B40 for 100g/B390 for 1kg)

As recommended by radio station Chill 89 FM Chuan Chim, Moo Tod Chapwang’s original shop offers tender slices of pork marinated in an extra sweet and smooth teriyaki sauce. The result is deliciously tantalizing, while the meat is wonderfully succulent. Get it with hot sticky black rice for an extra B10. 
089-790-9695, 089-766-3066. Open daily 9am-6pm

2. Guay jub yuan at Kuon Dang Guan Jub Yuan (B50-B60)

Kuon Dang’s version of Isaan’s Vietnam-inspired noodle dish sticks to ingredients imported from Ubon Ratchatani. Most guay jub yuan feature sliced Vietnamese sausage and finely cut tapioca noodles in a salty, clear soup. However, Kuon Dang’s signature noodles also feature pork balls, braised pork, quail, slices of shiitake mushroom and onions. The resulting flavors and textures are eclectic and delicious. Add B10 for an extra egg. 
085-246-0111, 089-056-5777. Open daily 10am-7:30pm

3. Braised chicken noodles at Kuy Teav Kai Tun Khun Uum (B50) 

The braised chicken noodles at Khun Uum’s eating house are so good that they’ve had to open two branches just in the market. The secret: a complimentary bowl of soup made using 19 traditional Chinese herbs. It all combines for a healthy taste and fragrant aroma, with each of the herbs providing essential flavor profiles from heat and spice to the bittersweet taste of ground ginger. 
099-185-1135. Open daily 9am-6pm

4. Stuffed bread at Wang Lang Bakery (B45-B55)

Standing strong for over 25 years, Wang Lang Bakery has made it famous thanks to many appearances on Thai TV programs like Hei Seng Ti Tay. The shop-house makes its own fresh-baked bread using Australian wheat flour for a soft and tender texture with a starchy feel. Inside each large loaf, the extra stuffing makes for a really fun snack. There are 27 homemade stuffings in total, with the best sellers being dried shredded pork, raisin, ham and buttercream. All are faintly sweet and gigantic in size. 
02 866 1649. Open daily 8am-6pm

5. Eclairs at Wang Lang Eclair (B50/7 pieces or B60/21 pieces) 

Wang Lang’s only eclair stall adds a Thai spin to the French classic, filling its light choux pastry with pandan custard as well as sweetened milk or chocolate (our favorite: the milk cream). Whichever you choose, the pastry is super-light and fresh. 
091-052-6247. Open daily 9am-6pm 

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