It's not easy being a vegetarian in Shanghai, but the good news is that the city now has a decent array of veggie and vegan restaurants, from Western-style cafes to Buddhist havens serving Chinese fare. Here are the five vegetarian restaurants we like best.

1. Anna Maya

This cute cafe on Taojiang Lu serves a great selection of vegetarian and vegan food in a retro setting. 

2. Kush

The newest kid on the block, Kush is a tiny space with a strong sustainable focus, serving tasty Western and Asian dishes.

3. Godly Vegetarian

If you're a veggie in denial, feast on Godly's meat-free versions of regular dishes. This is one of the most enduringly popular vegetarian restaurants in Shanghai.

4. Vegetarian Lifestyle

Famous around town for its "fake meat" substitutes, this is the place to take reluctant non-veggie friends.

5. New Age Veggie

Another haven for meat substitutes, New Age sounds all zen and floaty, but it's actually a no-nonsense, no frills restaurant with decent, well-priced vegetarian food. 

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