These foodie trends have not kicked off in Singapore, but are already old elsewhere.

1. Food trucks. They’ve been big in the US for years. Some of them now even sell their branded products at mainstream stores. Hell, California has a Singaporean one called Chomp Chomp Nation. But over here? Still nothing. Sort. Out. The. Licensing. Laws.

2. Locavorism. It’s hard to eat food grown within a few miles of home when there’s unbroken conurbation between you and the ocean. But it would still be nice to see someone take a leaf out of Rene Redzepi’s book and start scouring for obscure and antiquated ingredients right under our nose.

3. Cake pops. Quite why these cake-on-a-stick creations haven’t caught on here yet is beyond us. They’re small! And cute! And sugary! And they’re getting plenty of press in London. That said, we wouldn’t be at all sorry if they never showed up. It’s glorified baby food; and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.


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