Tha Din Daeng is not only a lively pier, it’s also the site for heaps of stalls selling yummy street food. 

Chua Kim Huad

One of the most popular haan palo (braised goose) spots in town, Chua Kim Huad wages a daily battle with nearby Chua Jiab Nguan (02-437-7608. Open daily 9am-5pm), but truth be told, both offer a similar delicious taste (B105 for a small plate). While Chua Jiab Nguan also serves up many cooked-to-order dishes, we really like Chua Kim Huad’s succulent and refreshing soup. 

02-437-2427, 02-863-0701. Open daily 8am-5pm

Kanom Pia Tha Din Daeng

Even though this shophouse specializing in kanom pia (baked bread balls stuffed with beans, B35) recently moved further away from the market, it’s still very popular, especially during Chinese New Year. The kanom pia is aromatic and stuffed with yummy black beans.

02-437-4164. Open daily 8am-7pm

Coffee stall

The sweet lady who makes the old-style Thai coffee (B20) here understands that everyone has different tastes when it comes to their cup of joe. So be as picky as you want and she will still serve your coffee with a smile. Oh and it’s pretty likely she’ll remember your order the next time you drop by, too.

Open Tue-Fri 9am-5pm

Nam Taohoo

The lady and her daughter at this stall make much more than just tasty nam tau hoo (soy milk, B8); they also have assorted, freshly made Thai desserts like kanom chan (Thai pudding) and kanom tom (coconut balls) in takeaway packs, perfect for snacking when on-the-go. 

Open Tue-Fri 6am-2pm

Jae Bua

This noodles stall seems to have a never-ending list of orders to get through before yours (waits can last almost up to an hour), but it’s totally worth it. Here you’ll find excellent guay tiew moo (pork noodles) but the real clincher is the perfectly fried gratiem jeaw (fried garlic).

081-700-4132, 089-517-0387. Open Tue-Sun 7pm-2am

Moo Satay

It is impossible to walk down Tha Din Daeng Road and not stop to stare at the two huge fire grills heaped high with pork satay. The two pork satay shops sat side by side are owned by two siblings. They both also have separate guay tiew pla (noodles with fish balls) shops right next to each other. Needless to say, the moo satay (pork satay, B5/piece) is delicious, while the guay tiew pla (B30-40) is equally tasty—making these two (or four) of the busiest shops on the strip. 

02-437-1172, 081-628-8740. Open daily 11am-8pm

Bok Kia Tha Din Daeng

With choices galore, this dessert shop is definitely not to be missed. One of the highlights is the Hainanese bokkia (B25), steamed flour noodles with a mix of fruits and beans in syrup. Here, the noodles are the super chewy ones that we love. But with more than 20 options to try, from coconut chunks to khao tom nam woon (sweetened sticky rice), return visits are a must. 

02-438-0574. Open daily 5pm-9pm

Sor Rad Na

Even though this stall is actually hidden away down soi 13, its great rad na (B30), khao pad (B35) and pad see-ew (B35) ensure it’s one of the bestselling shops in Tha Din Daeng. The rad na (noodles in gravy) is our pick as it’s perfectly made—not too gooey, not too watery and hardly requiring any additional seasoning bar a pinch of chili. 

085-143-2267. Open daily noon-7pm

Khao Kha Moo IMF

Blink and you’ll miss it. This stall arrives late and before you know it, all the braised pork leg is already gone. It’s easy to see why: the reasonably priced (B25) dish comes with tender, fatty pork that’s not too greasy, while the gravy is such a wonderful topping on the rice.

Open Tue-Sun 5pm-8pm


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