Amponrsnri is a royal recipe expert and instructor at the Royal College (Wittayalai Nai Wang).

What’s the difference between the royal recipe and the Petchburi recipe for khao chae?
The Petchburi version has only three side dishes and a simpler presentation.The royal recipe is all about attention to detail, through the use of rhoom (eggnet) and carved vegetables.

Where’s your favorite place to eat khao chae?
The villages in Khao Yoi, Petchburi. The condiments are usually just pla pad wan (stir-fried sweetened fish), chai poe phad khai (stir-fried preserved turnip with eggs) and luk kapi (dried fish and shrimp paste balls). Even with fewer sides, the result is still really flavorful.

What’s the biggest mistake people make when cooking khao chae?
Not making it fragrant enough. It usually takes you three days to fully infuse the flavors, so it’s not something easily achieved at home.

What makes khao chae so special?
Its amazing aroma. There’s a reason it takes three days to make. The aromatics of the dish make it extremely refreshing. The key to khao chae is to use very little rice compared to the amount of water.


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