BK tests seven of the city’s most popular takeaway sandwiches

The Oriental Shop

Triski Panini on Whole Wheat Bread
Price: B180
Size: The largest of the bunch, the sandwich is the size of a small book. Although the most expensive, we say it’s worth every baht.
Taste: Where to start? Should we tell you about the thinly sliced ham, the fragrant cheese or the warm and crunchy whole wheat bread? The simplicity and quality of the ingredients speak for themselves. Have it at the shop, though, because the bread turns hard when not eaten immediately.
G/F, Siam Paragon, 02-610-9845/-6, BTS Siam.

La Boulange

Ham & Cheese Baguette
Price: B97
Size: The perfect lunch size: Not too big, but big enough to constitute a meal. The baguette is pretty thick, which might make for a few lost teeth.
Taste: The bread is one of the best we’ve tasted, but it’s not really fit for sandwiches: It’s so tough that it might be best cut with a knife. Also, there could be more toppings, but the ham and cheese are delicious, and the overall taste pleasant. They don’t ask which bread you want with your sandwich, which is a minus, but the price can’t be beat.
2-2/1 Soi Convent, Silom Rd., 02-631-0355, BTS Sala Daeng.

Au Bon Pain

Chicken Tikka Sandwich
Price: B105
Size: Medium-sized, this one comes in a braided design with sesame sprinkled over it.
Taste: The chicken is absolutely delicious, with the yogurty tikka marinade adding some oomph. They weren’t frugal with veggies and sauce, resulting in the sandwich gaping wide open. Mouth-watering, but not one for the road.
Silom Rd. Branch, BTS Sala Daeng.


Chicken Teriyaki with BBQ Sauce
Price: B109
Size: What can we say about Subway sandwiches? They’re either 6-inch or footlong and usually you’re full halfway through.
Taste: The only thing we could find fault with is the bread’s softness—we like it a bit crunchier. The fillings are fine, lots of veggies and spicy BBQ sauce, but a bit sparse with the chicken.
Silom Rd. Branch, J City Building, BTS Sala Daeng.

Vanilla Brasserie

Chicken Caesar Baguette
Price: B170
Size: The second-most expensive sandwich is tiny. They did add some potato chips, but since we’re hungry for sandwich and not snacks, that’s no real consolation.
Taste: We’d be lying if we said the sandwich wasn’t good. Some find it too salty, while others like the slightly briny taste of Romana salad with bacon bits. The bread is fresh and crunchy and has a thin dusting of flour on top. But honestly—for that price, the thing should be a foot long.
G/F, Siam Paragon, 02-610-9383, BTS Siam.


Chicken & Bacon Triple-Decker Toastie, with cheddar, coleslaw, onion, tomato and lettuce
Price: B160
Size: Huge, but the three layers of bread take up more room than anything else, and toppings are rather sparse. Not a good deal for your money.
Taste: Made with boring bread available in every supermarket, this sandwich is bland. There’s only one single slice of chicken, cheddar and bacon each. Somehow it manages to be soggy and dry at the same time.
G/F, Thaniya Plaza Silom, 02-632-7166, BTS Sala Daeng.

La Brioche

Ham on Foccacia Bread
Price: B100
Size: We really can’t complain. There is ham in abundance, and we find ourselves longingly comparing all the other sandwich’s fillings with this one. “Freebie” salad and tomatoes add some extra zest.
Taste: The fluffy foccacia tastes unobtrusively of rosemary. The ratio of ham to bread is just right, too: We find a layer of fillings almost as thick as one half of the bread.
G/F, Siam Paragon, 02-610-7602, BTS Siam.


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