76.) Ped yang (grilled duck, B90)

Jibkee, across Talad Nanglerng, 355-359 Nakhon Sawan Rd., 02-281-1283. Open daily 9am-2pm
For over 80 years, this shophouse has been serving authentic Cantonese grilled duck. Put this one at the top of your list because the grandpa’s family doesn’t want to take on the business. We’re so sad.

77.) Yum poo dong (fermented raw crab in spicy salad, B300)

Jae Liab, next to Phyathai Hospital, Phaholyothin Rd., 02-619-8639. Open daily 6pm-3am
It’s sour and spicy, with incredibly fresh crab—despite the fermentation process. Our favorite part is the seven different dipping sauces, with one designed just for the yum poo dong.

78.) Pla krapong tod rad prik (fried seabass with chili and garlic, B80)

Chairode, next to Phyathai Dental Group, 467/25 Phyathai Rd., 02-354-4090. Open daily 11am-8pm
This must-order dish is not so easy to find, especially with skin this crispy and flesh this tender.

79.) Guay tiew neua (beef noodles, B40)

Wandee, 1561 Charoenkrung Rd., 02-211-8566, 081-3730846. Open daily (except Buddhist holy days) 10am-5pm
This small shophouse is packed with people buying nearly flourless meatballs hundreds at a time, but we suggest you enjoy them with noodles, the perfect match.

80.) Suki (Sukiyaki, B145 for pork and B290 for seafood)

Suki Ruen Pet, across Amari Atrium, 1903-5 New Petchburi Rd., 02-314-5047, 02-314-4274. Open daily 11am-9:30pm
Another legendary shophouse, this Hainanese suki—the first in Bangkok—really shines thanks to its naam jim.

81.) Guay tiew pak mo (steamed rice dumpling in soup, B40)

Pee Kay, 95 Ladprao Soi 71, 083-697-6336. Open Tue-Sun (except holidays) 10:30am-6pm
Take your regular khao griab pak mo dumplings, drop them into a clear broth and add the extras: minced pork with tofu, minced pork with cabbage and much more. Delicious!

82.) Nue pad nummun hoy kai dib (stir-fried beef with oyster sauce and raw egg, B150)

Tai Heng Pochana, 593-595 Charoennakorn Rd., 02-877-9050-1. Open Tue-Sun 10am-9pm
A former chef at Hoy Tien Lao, he now runs his own place, reputed for importing many ingredients from Hong Kong just to make sure the tastes are just right—in particular his stir-fried beef specialty.

83.) Gao lao (Beef hotpot, B50)

Iam Pochana, near Wong Wian 22, 215/2-3 Maitrijit Rd., 02-225-0582. Open daily 4pm-4am
Meat lovers never tire of this 60-year-old establishment for its scrumptious beef hotpot and moo krata (hot pan buffet) at low prices.

84.) Kai tod (fried chicken, B180)

Jae Kee, 137/1-2 Soi Polo, 02-655-8489. Open daily 7:30am-9:30pm
One of the city’s most popular somtam joints, we actually like their finger-licking fried chicken even better. It comes covered with heaps of totally addictive deep-fried garlic. Delivery is also available at an additional charge.

85.) Seafood porridge (B150-B200)

Viroon Ice Cream, 505/2-3 Soi Pranakares, near Saphan Lueng, 02-233-6735. Open daily 6pm-midnight
Don’t let the name mislead you, Viroon Ice Cream actually serves up yummy (but pricey) seafood porridges. Get the one with big chunks of seabass or oysters.

86.) Ped toon ya jeen (steamed duck in Chinese soup, B50)

Ped Toon Ya Jeen Rod Chao Wang, 124/71-73 Pattanakarn Soi 47-49, 02-321-4469. Open daily 8am-3pm
Situated on the very edge of Bangkok, this place executes this Chinese recipe with tender duck that melts in your mouth.

87.) Moo yang kati sod (grilled pork topped with coconut milk, B6)

Pepper Don Mueng Moo Yang Kati Sod, Talad Airport, 02-503-8822, 081-426-3181. Open daily 11am-7pm
Known for its special recipe with rich coconut milk and pork, Pepper Don Mueng Moo Yang Kati Sod often has a long queue of loyal customers. They’re not just here for the pork, but also for the stellar sticky rice, which comes in different variations such as khao niew dum (black sticky rice) and pandanus.

88.) Guay tiew tom yum goong namkon (noodles in milky tom yum, B50)

Pee or, 68/51 Petchburi Soi 5, 02-612-9013. Open Mon-Sat 10am-10pm
At this price, those are some seriously big shrimps in your tomyam noodles. Despite the generous portion, you should have it as a snack in the afternoon because they often run out in the evening

89.) Bamee kai (noodles with egg, B30)

Lung Chuey, in front of Ekkamai Soi 19, Open Tue-Sun 8pm-4am
The partying crowds throng to this red pick-up truck when the clubs throw them out. The soft-boiled egg adds a velvety touch to the dish. Be prepared for long wait times—which aren’t helped by the somewhat rude and clueless staff.

90.) Bua loy kai kem (taro mixed with flour in coconut milk and salted eggs, B18)

Bua Loy Kai Kem, E 5/2 Block, Klongsan Pier Plaza, Charoennakorn Rd., 081-697-5971, 089-016-7959. Open daily 2-7pm
Their seven-color bua loy is made with seven herbs and veggies like butterfly pea, carrot or beetroot. The result is not only beautiful colors, but also a very aromatic smell.

91.) Khao mok nuea (yellow beef with biryani rice, B90)

Ahmad Rotdee, Praram 9-Srinakarin Rd., 081-811-4601, 089-076-7610. Open daily 9am-3pm
This is the real deal khao mok: fragant, not too fatty with great rice and tender meat. The beef, goat or chicken on biryani rice can be had with a hearty bowl of oxtail soup. (If you prefer goat meat, khao mok pae is available only on Mon, Wed and Fri.)

92.) Guay tiew moo (pork noodles, B40)

Rung Rueng, 10/1-2 Sukhumvit Soi 26, 02-258-6744. Open Mon-Fri 8:30am-4:30pm.
A family-run business that offers only one dish—noodles with pork and fish. Their pork broth is rich and flavorful as are the trimmings of liver and intestine. Just be warned this place gets packed on weekends, always the sign of a good restaurant.

93.) Kanom tung taek (Thai crepe with filling, B10)

Pa Tim, opposite Siriraj Hospital, in front of Kasikorn Bank, 085-937-1193, 085-110-0467. Open Tue-Sun 9am-8pm
The crowd gathered around the stall makes it hard to miss. They are not only here because of the reasonable price, but also for the fantastic taste of this old-school tung taek. The fillings available are coconut, corn, foi tong (sweet egg yolk threads), steamed custard and raisin.

94.) Pagrim kaitao (sweet vermicelli in coconut milk, B15)

Jia Chai, Yaowarat Rd., 087-936-0671. Open daily 9pm-midnight
Good pagrim kaitao is so rare. This mobile motorcycle stall hits the perfect balance of sweet and salty. The texture, too, with its chewy vermicelli, is just right.

95.) Moo Satay (pork satay, B6)

Jirawat Pattakarn, 331/20 Ratburana Rd., 02-427-3101. Open daily 11:30-10pm
Jirawat Pattakarn is really a Chinese restaurant, but in front of the restaurant, they have a small grill serving up a mean moo satay. Warning to the health-conscious: this dish comes with big chunks of tender, but fatty, pork.

96.) Yen ta fo (noodles in pickled bean curd, B40)

Yen Ta Fo Wat Kaek, next to Wat Kaek, 8 Pan Rd., 02-236-4393. Open Mon-Sat 10am-4pm
Another yen ta fo favorite for its potent sauce, big portions and crispy water spinach.

97.) Pla yang (grilled mango fish with herbs, B160)

Praram 9 Kaiyang, in front of Rama IX Soi 39, 02-719-8039. Open Tue-Sun 10am-8:30pm
The place is packed almost every day, all day, for its Isaan food, but our favorite is the pla yang, which has a wonderful herbal scent and pleasantly chewy texture.

98.) Jim joom (herbal hot pot, B90)

Jim Joom Ladya, in front of SCB, Ladya Rd. Open daily 7pm-1am
If you get here, you’ll find more than ten places selling the big, clay hot pots. They almost all taste similar, but we think this particular one is the best, as are the other Isaan dishes here.

99.) Nam nueng (Vietnamese sausage wrapped with veggies, B140)

Nong Kai, 74/49 Soi Senanikom, Phaholyothin Rd., 02-578-0532. Open daily 9am-9:30pm
This nam nueng comes with fresh, fragrant, herbal flavors. And even though this place is not a fancy restaurant, their veggies sure are clean. A healthy option that doesn’t skimp on flavor.

100.) Nuea yang (grilled beef, B70)

Lum Duan Nuea Yang, 1820 in front of On Nut Soi 52, 088-187-1612. Open daily 12pm-midnight
Love meat tender? Love meat true? Then you’ll love this dish; their beef has such an appetizing smell with its fermented seasoning and is really juicy. Also, try their equally delicious som tam poo ma (papaya salad with blue crab, B75).


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