51.) Gai baan yang khao suan kwang (grilled domestic chicken, B140)

Paa Nuek, 939/22 Bangna-Trad Soi 23, Bangna-Trad Km. 3 Rd., 081-732-8011. Open daily 10:30am-11:00pm (kitchen closed 10:30pm)
Famous for their chicken marinade, which keeps it moist despite the firm flesh of these free-range birds—a perfect match for their fiery Isaan food.

52.) Tom yum pung kai plachon naa (snakehead fish belly in tom yum B80-B150)

Manaowaan, near Lotus Prachachuen, 1027 Rimklong Prapa Rd., 081-641-6225. Open daily 4pm-midnight
A lemony soup packed with many herbs, fish belly and big fish eggs floating around in your bowl—it tastes better than it sounds, trust us.

53 Ice cream boran (old style ice cream, B15)

Lung Chuan, Klong Ladmayom, Bangramaad Rd., 02-422-4270, 089-215-2659. Open daily 8am-5pm
The uncle making this traditional ice-cream handpicks the coconuts—or so we’re told. The result is exquisite.

54.) Pang sib (steamed fish dumpling, B4 for a piece)

Khun Kob, Talad Sahakorn Sala Namyen, Sutthawas Rd., 087-009-3748. Open daily 8am-4pm
Another vague royal claim: this recipe is from the owner’s husband’s grandmother who used to work in the kitchen of HM King Rama V. All we know for sure is that this baked dish, also known as pun sib, is hard to find, and very hard to find this well-made.

55.) Kanom waan (varied sweets in syrup, B20)

Cheng Zim Ei, Talad Noi, Khao Lam Rd., 081-620-1788. Open 7pm–11pm.
Although we don’t have snow in Thailand, we have shaved ice with syrup. Sweet but not too sweet, the syrup here is particularly light and refreshing.

56.) Puek hima (fried, sugar-coated taro, B50)

Jae Nee, 303 Tanao Rd., 02-224-6526. Open daily 9am-5pm
The trick with this treat is to cook the sugar for as long as you can without burning it. And the timing here is just perfect. Their use of very soft taro doesn’t hurt either.

57.) Guay tiew nuea toon (steamed beef noodles, B60)

Wattana Panich, 338-336 Ekkamai Soi 18, 02-391-7264. Open daily (except last Mon of every month) 10am-9pm
Ekkamai has cheap eats, too, like this one. Their soup is wonderfully lumpy and gooey—the way it should be. While you’re here, try their famous goat meat in Chinese soup, too.

58.) Woon ped (coconut milk jelly, B30 for a box)

Thanun, 419/27 Moo Baan Boon Maa Nakorn, Pracha Utit Soi 54, 02-870-4011. Open daily 6am-7pm
In this far away land, there’s a duck-shaped coconut jelly that we promise will make you forget every other coconut jelly you’ve ever tried.

59.) Baa bin maprao namhom (sweet coconut pancake, B25 for 7 pieces)

Kanom Baa Bin Maprao Namhom Sampran, Talad Sriyan, Nakorn Chaisri Rd., 081-867-6573. Open Tue, Thu and Sat 6am-5pm
If you don’t call ahead, expect to wait two hours—yes, two hours—for their finger-licking good sweets made from the best Sampram coconuts.

60.) Ped toon fuk manao dong (steamed duck in lime soup, B95)

Por Krua Tuen Yod Nuk Toon, at the end of the alley between Charoenkrung Soi 89 and Soi 91, 02-289-5105. Open Sun-Fri 9am-4pm
This is the top place to grab a steaming bowl of limey soup filled with soft morsels of duck meat.

61.) Pork knuckle spring rolls (B40)

Pork Knuckle Spring Rolls, across the back door of Wat Tuek, Klong Tom, 089-052-1217. Open Tue-Sun 7am-5pm
This small stall does only one dish, but it’s really, really good at it—a salty and sweet gravy poured over these tender melt-in-your-mouth spring rolls.

62.) Giam ee nam prik pao (Chinese noodles in chili sauce, B30)

Jae Chung, Charoenkrung Soi 23, 083-775-7600. Open daily 8:30am-2pm
Giam ee is hard to find, and harder still is sourcing the version with chili sauce. Served for more than 20 years, Jae Chung’s version manages to avoid this dish’s most common pitfall—sogginess. Note, cars can’t go in the soi.

63.) Kanom chan (layered cake, B180 for the 8-inch tray)

Waan Dumrong, 573/115 Ramkhamhang Soi 39, Yak 14, Ramkhamhang Rd., 02-559-0677, 02-559-3134. Open daily 7am-6pm
Another famous Thai dessert, this lip-smacking recipe for Waan Dumrong’s kanom chan has been handed down more than 40 years. It has just the right amount of sweetness and a wonderful pandanus fragrance, so you can keep stuffing your face without feeling grossed out too quickly.

64.) Guay tiew reua (boat noodles, B15)

Toi, Ratchawithi Soi 18, behind Wat Makok, 081-619-1925, 087-045-0073. Open daily 8:30am-5:30pm
The namtok soup is so rich and tasty, there’s no need to season it.

65.) Kanom jeen hai lum (Hainanese noodles, B40)

Suthathip, 338-342 Dumrongrak Rd., 02-282-4313. Open Tue-Sun 8am-6pm
The shophouse offers many dishes, but their kanom jeen hai lum is unique, thanks to the addition of fragrant kapi (shrimp paste).

66.) Lord chong Singapore (green noodles in coconut milk and shaved ice, B18)

Lord Chong Singapore, 680-682 Charoen Krung Rd., 02-221-5794. Open Fri-Wed 11am-10pm
This is where all the neighborhood grandpas can be found trying to beat the heat with some of the city’s lightest and most fragrant lord chong.

67.) Goong ob woonsen (steamed shrimp with cellophane noodles, B70)

Ae Seafood, Chula Soi 14, Bantadtong Rd., 08-1619-1924, Open daily (except the 1st and 16th of every month) 5-11pm
This grungy, steamy street-side shophouse doesn’t need to be pretty thanks to the super fresh catches they serve up daily at ridiculously low prices.

68.) Guay tiew tom yum (noodles in tom yum, B30)

Jae Bua, Tha Dindang Rd., 081-700-4132, 089-517-0387. Open Tue-Sun 9pm-2am
This simple classic is not that simple to get right. But we’ve seen many lick their plate clean here. Don’t underestimate this small stall and come armed with patience as it can get very busy.

69.) Look chin ping (beef meatballs, B8)

Look Chin Anamai, across from Bangkok Insurance Company, 3 Soi Soonvijai, Rama 9 Rd., 02-318-1606. Open daily 9:30am-6pm
The beef’s flavor really comes through with smooth and tender meatballs. And if you’re super hungry, this place also serves noodles with their meatballs.

70.) Kanom bueng (Thai pancakes, B15)

Kanom Bueng Werng Nakorn Kasem (Yaowarat), past Yaowarat Soi 6, Yaowarat Rd. Open daily 7pm-11pm
Their special ingredient is the egg that they spray on their perfectly crispy crepes. The very eggy (and not too sweet) foi tong (egg yolk threads) filling is heavenly.

71.) Kanom jeen (rice vermicelli with curries, B20)

Kanom Jeen Banglumpoo, in a tiny alley near Tang Hua Seng department store, Chakraphong Rd., Open daily 10am-7pm
The kanom jeen has some irresistibly rich curries, including naamya (fish curry), naamya pah (fermented fish curry), namprik (sweet curry) and green curry. Accompanying veggies are on the house. Here’s to healthy binge eating!

72.) Moo tod (fried pork, B35 per 100g.)

Moo tord chao wang, opposite Siriraj Hospital, in front of TMB Bank, 087-594-2466, 085-351-4777. Open Mon-Sat 9am-6pm
In a nice twist from the usual crispy skewered options, this comes with a savory, full-flavored sauce slathered onto the soft pieces of pork. The owner says the secret to the great taste is the fact that he changes the cooking oil daily.

73.) Khao niew moon (Sticky rice with mango, B70-B80, depending on the price of mango)

Pa Lek Pa Yai, Maitri Chit Rd., Wongwian 22, 303. 084-935-2935. Open daily 9am–8pm (only during Feb-Jul)
You know a place is serious about their mangoes when they only open a few months a year. Their coconut milk is also particularly rich and addictive, making this place worth the trek. Call ahead for directions.

74.) Guay tiew moo sub gradook on (baby back ribs and noodles, B30)

Guay Tiew Moo Sub Gradook On Boran, 300m from Sukhapiban 5 Rd., 085-446-6760. Open daily 8am-4pm
Take Ayutthaya-style noodles—the original namtok soup—throw in some fresh lemon juice and add baby-back ribs. Need we say more?

75.) Sunnork gata ron (sirloin in hot pan, B165)

Ko Khun Ponyang Kum, Nualchan Soi 21, 085-819-8832. Open daily 11:30am-midnight
Cheap and tender, the beef is cooked just right as it sizzles its way to the table on a hot plate.


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