26.) Raad naa (noodles in gravy sauce, B40)

Raad Naa 40 Pee, next to 7-Eleven, Ratpattana Rd., 089-219-3963. Open daily 8:30am-8pm
From father to son, the faces in the kitchen may change but the dish remains identical. This long-standing establishment’s preserved pork is simply stunning.

27.) Gang som tai (sweet and sour curry, B80-B100)

Samui, 61/2 Soi Liab Tang Duan, Ratburana Rd., 083-815-1180. Open Mon-Fri 11am-9pm
Authentic and pungent, this curry packs only the freshest spices—such as the turmeric. Note, call ahead for directions.

28.) Congee (rice porridge, B30)

Joke Prince, 1391 Charoenkrung Rd., across Robinson Bangrak, 0-2234-9407. Open daily 6am-12pm and 5-9pm
An original congee the way it’s meant to be: with a full body and a natural, smoky flavor.

29.) Mee krob (fried rice noodles with tamarind juice, B120)

Mee Krob Jeen Lee, 326-330 Talad Plu Pier, 0-2466-9170, 0-2466-9037. Open daily 10am-10pm
The story goes that their great-great-grandfather once cooked for HM King Rama V the same mee krob recipe they serve today. In any case, the use of real tamarind is definitely becoming rarer, making this mee krob the real deal.

30.) Moo Tod (fried pork, B50)

Khao Niew Moo St. Gabriel, 61/2 Samsen Soi 13, 02-241-2377. Open Mon-Sat 7am-4pm, Sun 7am-2pm
White or black sticky rice is paired with various homemade toppings, from fried liver, shredded beef and sausages to sun-dried pork. Also known as Metta Moo Tod, it’s the perfect 11am pick-me-up.

31.) Guay tiew kua gai (fried noodles with chicken, B35)

Nai Seng, at the beginning of Soi Ari, in front of the pawn. Open Tue-Fri and Sun 6-9:30pm
The grandpa often won’t bother to cook up his noodles unless there are 15 of you ready to be served. Not that it takes long to collect a crowd. Once you’ve tasted his stuff, you’ll understand why he can afford to be such a diva.

32.) Kanompang sangkaya (starts from B15)

Nom Joe, 441 Tanao Rd. Open Mon-Sat 10am-11pm
Those who have already tried Mon Nom Sod and are looking for a more relaxed atmosphere should come here. The toasts are just as good, and you can also order heartier dishes like congee and fresh spring rolls.

33.) Moo tod (fried pork on rice, B20-B25)

Jae Jong, behind Tesco-Lotus Rama 4, 348 Rim Tang Rod Fai Sai Pak Nam Rd. Open Mon-Sat 9am-3pm
Jae Jong is an idol worshipped by messengers and motorcycle-taxis as she blesses them with her rice topped with moo tod, moo yaw and poo jaa at bargain prices (B20-B25, B200 for a kilo). And even if you don’t ride a bike, this is one blessing we can all be thankful for.

34.) Khao pad poo (fried rice with crabmeat, B40)

Ko Yee, Soi Charoennakorn 21, 02-863-6955. Open daily 10am-10pm
Fresh and lovingly hand-picked crab meat in fluffy, stir-fried rice. Call for directions first.

35.) Bamee poo (noodles with crab meat, B50-B300)

Sawang, 336/2 Rama 4 Rd. MRT Hua Lamphong. 02-236-1772. Open Tue-Sun 5-11pm
Passed down for over three generations, this recipe for homemade egg noodles is jealously guarded due to its incredibly silky texture.

36.) Ped palo (braised goose, B130 for small plate)

Chua Kim Heng, across from Pattanakarn Soi 6, 81, 83, 02-319-2511. Open daily 8:30am-6pm
The place is packed with neighborhood hi-so’s, as many claim that it’s one of the best braised geese in town: salty, sweet and wonderfully meaty.

37.) Khao mok gai (biryani rice topped with chicken, B40)

Aisa Rot Dee, beginning of Tani Road, 02-282-6378. Open daily (except the fourth Mon of every month) 8am-5pm
This food-court style venue is home to many Thai-Muslim stalls including this place serving tender chicken cooked in a deep, yellow curry.

38.) Guay tiew lord (stuffed rice flour rolls, B35)

Guay Tiew Lord, Yaowaraj Rd. in front of the Seiko shop, next to La Scala shark fin restaurant. Open Tue-Sun 6:30pm-1am
This little roll is loaded with so many flavors: pork, shiitake mushrooms and dried shrimp. And it’s all held together by toothsome rice noodles.

39.) Laad naa (noodles with gravy sauce, B350 for seafood)

Jae Fai, 327 Mahachai Rd., 02-223-9384. Open Mon-Sat 3pm-2am
The street laad naa has a pretty fancy price but it—and its reputation—are deserved thanks to a killer combination of seafood with crispy noodles prepared three ways.

40.) Guay tiew ped (duck noodles, B35)

Xia, 2856 Rama IV Rd., 02-671-3279, Open Mon-Sat 7:30pm-midnight
This simple (and ubiquitous) dish gets a five-spice powder treatment—just what the Chinese doctor ordered.

41.) Pad see ew (fried noodles with sweet sauce, B30)

Nay Lao, 124/8 Nang Linchi Rd., 02-678-3517. Open Tue-Sun 11am-11pm, Mon 11am-3pm
The owner makes this dish fast and never combines orders, making it even more remarkable that he’s always smiling and nice. You’ll smile, too, after one bite.

42.) Yen ta fo (noodles in pickled bean curd, B40)

Yen Ta Fo Ko Du, behind Central Silom and across from the Baptist Church. Open Mon-Fri 11am-2pm
The broth is balanced with plenty of deep-fried crispy garlic, sour pickled squid and slightly salty tao huu yii. Be warned, the grumpy owner is in charge of seating, so don’t just grab a stool.

43.) Hoy tod (fried oysters with flour, B65)

Nay Mong, corner of Plaeng Naam and Charoenkrung Rd., 02-623-1980. Open daily 11am-9pm
Here you’re getting a brilliant combo of seafood and egg; smoky, rich and cooked to perfection. Also, these are some of the fattest oysters we’ve ever seen.

44.) Khao tom (boiled rice, B80-B100)

Khao Tom Prung, 1083 Sukhumvit Road (corner of Soi Thong Lor), 02-391-8433. Open daily 5pm-10pm
Fresh and hygienic condiments go a long way when dealing with a dish where you just toss the ingredients into the boiled rice without cooking them first. Here, they’re also aromatic and served in very generous portions.

45.) Tao tung (variety of beans in syrup B15-B40)

Tao Tung, near Sapanluerng Church, close to Samyan Market, 02-214-0612. Open daily (except Weds) 12pm-midnight.
All the beans offered here are prepared by hand, and clearly a lot of attention goes into the process. A rare treat these days when you can just buy these things in bulk at the market.

46.) Kanompang ping (toast with toppings, B20)

Pang Yaowarat, across from Chinatown Scala Restaurant, Yaowarat Rd.
Many kinds of toasted bread are offered here, but we recommend you go for the crispy one. You can forget about their drinks, though (and you’ll see no one else orders any).

47.) Guay tiew nuea (beef noodles, B50)

Mit Pochana, 49 Thaprachan Pier, Open daily 7am-5:30pm
It’s a steamy, seedy backdrop with smells wafting in from all sides—not all of them pleasant. But having to wash your hair after a visit to Mit Pochana is a small price to pay for their tender, juicy beef noodles.

48.) Gui chai (flour stuffed with Chinese chives, B6 for a piece)

Jae Toi, 122 Mahannop Rd., 02-622-1221, 085-347-2121. Open daily 7am-3pm
A thin—so thin it’s see-through—rice flour wrapping packed with a generous stuffing that explodes in your mouth.

49.) Guay tiew nuea (beef noodles, B40)

Gao Lao Nuea Toon, 575/1 Radpattana Rd., 02-872-0672. Open 10am-3pm, 4:30-10pm
Two brothers take turns selling their delicious beef noodles. We suggest you go for the first round, which is even better than the evening offering.

50.) Khao soi (Northern Thai noodles, B30)

Khao Soi Chiang Mai, 328/10 Sukhothai Soi 5, 02-668-4497 Open Mon-Sat 8am-2:30pm
It’s not easy to find the perfect khao soi, but khao soi Soi Haa (as it’s also known) has a really rich hearty soup and chicken that’s tender and moist, unlike most other places.


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