A street food journey through the now hip and up-and-coming neighborhood.

Tai Panich

9 Paholyothin 7, Ari Soi 1, 084-753-6162, Open Mon-Sat 10am-8pm
After turning left at Phahonyothin Soi 7 (aka Ari), Tai Panich is a few shops into Ari Soi 1. One look at all the packed tables and all the pictures the owner has taken with celeb shows like Na-Nake and it’s obvious that the popular choice here is kao moo dang moo krob [red pork and crispy pork with rice] served with hot gourd soup (B40). The moo daeng is above average, but we especially love the crispy moo krob which has been fried to perfection. Other popular dishes are the yentafo and steamed chicken noodles (B40 each). The soup of the yentafo is a bit too sweet (we know some people love that) but the fish balls are very fresh and show little hint of being over-adulterated with flour.

Guay Tiew Ped Ari

2/2 Ari Soi 1, 085-338-6177. Open daily 10am-3pm
Offering only guay tiew ped (duck noodles), the shop looks like it’s been there forever and looks charmingly old. A bowl costs only B30 (B40 for takeaway) which is cheaper than other shops in the neighborhood. The soup tastes just right, not too salty, while the duck has been well steamed without making it too chewy. Be warned that unknown duck insides are also included and there’s only a tiny amount of veggies to be seen. A plate of duck costs B80 if you’d like to have it with rice.

Maliwan Kanom Thai

Beginning of Ari Soi 1, opposite Bodily Wax salon. Open daily 7am-3pm
For over 30 years, Maliwan Kanom Thai has been making fresh Thai desserts, running out by the end of lunchtime every day. They don’t accept phone orders so you better show up early and prepare for a short wait. The kow niew dum krati (black sticky rice with coconut milk, B15) is heavenly yummy, though the best sellers here are the kanom chan (layered rice flour and coconut milk snack, B15) which come in three colors: purple, brown and green. A box of look choob (bean paste filled miniatures) costs a bit more (B60) but the taste and the blend is just first-rate, without being too sweet.

Som Tam Loong Yom

End of connecting sois between Ari Soi 1 and 2, 087-685-2213. Open Mon-Sat 11am-9pm
One of the legendary somtam places in Ari, Som Tum Loong Yom is not only popular among the office workers around the area, but plenty of expats come in for an Isaan lunch feast as well. The B30 somtam pu plara and somtam Korat taste authentic, and their huge bowl of tasty tom saeb (Thai spicy soup with pork ribs and mushroom) is a mere B50. What can’t be missed here is the B60 scrumptious grilled beef, served with the spicy jim jaew sauce.

Roti Kow Wang

Ari Soi 1, 087-123-4194.
If you stroll along Ari Soi 1, you’ll come across this small cart selling roti. Choose between a B15 ordinary roti or B25 for one with extra egg or banana, and B30 for a mataba. The original thick and soft roti is nice but the extra crispy one is super. The owner makes the crust extra crispy and not overly-done, which tastes perfectly well with the sweetened milk and lots of sugar on top.


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