Rad na stalls are among the most ubiquitous in town. Here are the very best spots for some noodles in gravy. 

Jae Fai 

A favorite among many chefs in town who praise its use of top-quality seafood, the rad na (B360) here has a pretty steep price, but it’s well worth it thanks to a killer combination of seafood and crispy noodles. The highlight is, of course, the flour-coated sen yai (rice noodles), cooked over charcoal to perfection. Do note that the pad see ew (stir-fried noodles with sweetened sauce) and joke haeng (dry congee) are also incredibly satisfying.

327 Mahachai Rd., 02-223-9384. Open Mon-Sat 5pm-2am

Rad Na 40 Pee

From father to son, the faces in the kitchen may change but their star dish (B40) remains just as delicious. The super hot oil quickly fries the noodles to a beautiful golden brown with hisses and pops that speak of a job well done. Their secret, though, is their preserved pork, which is simply stunning. Do drop by whenever you have to head south as this small shophouse is a real hidden gem.

Next to 7-Eleven, Ratpattana Rd., Ratburana, 089-219-3963. Open daily 8:30am-7pm

Rad Na Saladaeng

There’s nothing too revolutionary here, just one big, super-satisfying bowl of rad na (B35). The gravy is flavorful and perfectly balanced, while the pork is well seasoned and juicy. Just be warned that the sen yai (rice noodles) usually runs out around noon so you need to get here early before the swarms of office workers clean it out.

Soi Saladaeng, Silom Rd., 081-931-3380. Open daily 10am-3pm

Kai Thong

While this list mostly sticks to a street vibe, it would be wrong not to include Kai Thong. This well-executed rad na (B150 for small) is done Hong Kong style and is simply delicious. The noodles are fried properly with nice smoky notes, while the fragrant sesame oil also shines through. The gravy is gluey good, too, just a bit peppery, and the marinated beef is totally yummy. If you make the trek there, make sure you call ahead and wear some loose pants as this place is a true foodies’ paradise.

Muang Thong Thani 3, Bond Rd., 02-981-7771-2. Open daily 11am-10pm

Leng Kee

Another fancy bowl of rad na that has us forgetting all about counting calories. Leng Kee ticks all the usual boxes, but what sets it apart is the more hi-so selection with the stand out river prawn (B300)—just heavenly. 

Chula Soi 46, Rama 4 Rd., 02-215-4324, 086-992-1231. Open Mon-Fri 11:30am-2:30pm, 5-8:30pm; Sat 11:30am-3pm


Jakkee is the kind of place that fancy Thai restaurants have nightmares about. Opened for more than 50 years, its committed, highly specialized kitchen serves up magnificent mee krob rad na (B100) that can’t be beaten­—fried just right, the noodles are not too brittle and capable of holding their crispiness even when soaked in flavorful gravy. The beef is some of the juiciest, most tender and aromatic out there, while the kale is crunchy with no hint of bitterness. 

1/35-36 Ratchawithi Soi 7 (Soi Wattana Yothin in Soi Rangnam), 02-245-0849. Open daily 10am-3pm (except the first Mon of every month)