Now Uber’s out of the game, how do the remaining Bangkok food delivery services stack up?


1. Foodpanda (


Quick, easy and fast, Foodpanda’s reputation comes for good reason. But the user experience is not without its problems.

Promised delivery time: 40 minutes, and from our experience they stick to it.

Delivery charge: B40


• Restaurant list puts competitors to shame.

• Easy Facebook signup.

• Recently added street food.

• Reliable live support if you want to cancel your order.

• Delivery to all locations with no minimum order.

• New plastic cutlery opt-out function.


• No way to contact the driver directly until they call you.

• We’ve never received a satisfying answer from the instant messenger function.



2. Line Man (


Arguably our favorite delivery service. Most standalone venues that can’t be found on Foodpanda can be found here, with the added bonus that delivery extends out into metropolitan areas too.

Promised delivery time: 20-40 minutes.

Delivery charge: Calculated by the distance of your chosen restaurant. The last couple of times we used it, the minimum we paid was around B90-100, even from Siam Square One to Chong Nonsi.


• The delivery driver calls every step of the way.

• Covers nearly every restaurant on Wongnai.

• Access to street food stalls that aren’t on competitor apps.

• Notifications throughout the delivery process, letting you know when the driver has arrived at the restaurant, how much it will cost and approximately how long it will take.


• Steep fees for some restaurants.

• Most menus are in Thai and you may have to zoom in on some poorly uploaded ones.

• Unreliable map that often freezes, which can make it difficult to locate the driver.



3. Now Food Delivery (


If you’re constantly craving street food but can’t muster up the energy to venture out, this is the app for you. It also offers constant discount codes, sometimes giving as much as 50-percent off.

Promised delivery time: 60 minutes.

Delivery charge:  B10 per 1km


• Over 14,000 restaurants to choose from, many of which are popular street-food spots.

• Food often arrives well under the promised time.

• No minimum order.

• You can place orders even before a restaurant opens.


• Big-chain fast-food junkies will be disappointed, as there’s very little of that on offer.

• Paying with credit card is still unavailable.

• Delivery can vary. Though it’s often super-quick, other times it can take the full hour.



4. Honestbee (


Though mainly for grocery delivery, this app also includes restaurants, bakeries and coffee shops, with a special focus on organic and healthy produce. You’ll be surprised to hear that even pet supplies are available.

Promised delivery time: 50–80 minutes.

Instant messaging: There’s no messaging—the order confirmation goes straight to your email instead.

Delivery charge: B70, or free if your order reaches the store’s minimum.


• You can shop from multiple stores in one order.

• Lots of delis on offer like Holey Kitchen and Maison Chatenet.

• If what you’ve ordered is out of stock, they’ll suggest suitable substitutes.

• The app always gives away promo codes for discounts.


• No instant message function.

• They send the order confirmation through an email that often goes straight to our junk folder.

• The delivery status sometimes fails to show on the app and the tracking system is unreliable.

• Sometimes the app refuses credit card details and you have to start over.



5. GrabFood (


GrabFood is likely to be your last resort when you can’t find the restaurant you want on Foodpanda, Line Man or Now. Sure, they do quite well on delivering packages and the price is very reasonable, but it’s just harder to use than its competitors and only  available in limited areas.

Promised delivery time: Depends on the location of the restaurant.

Instant messaging: Right after your order, you’ll be sent the driver’s contact number and then you’ll get real-time updates.

Delivery charge: Varies depending on the distance but it’s usually pretty reasonable.


• Direct contact with the driver (you get their number right after placing an order).

• Functionality within the Grab app.



• Prices shown on the app and the actual price that the restaurant charges vary—we’ve been slapped with much higher bills.

• We’ve ordered food before then been told by the driver that the restaurant’s closed.

• The map often shows faulty locations.

• You can only order from restaurants within a four-kilometer radius.