While restaurants and bars are suffering under the weight of covid-19, the food delivery market is booming. Below, we rank Bangkok's top providers from best to worse. Bear in mind that these services charge a fee to the restaurant, so it is worth contacting the restaurant directly to see if they offer their own delivery service. For example, top restaurants like Appia, Eat Me, Err, Bo.lan, Bunker, Peppina and Soul Food Mahanakorn have not only started offering take-out menus, they've also joined hands for their own takeaway and delivery service, cutting out the middleman—just contact the restaurants via Line.



GrabFood BK PICK!


From anywhere to anywhere with over 37 cuisines to deliver. New promo codes and drivers on the road have made Grab one of the most visible delivery services out there. Now it’s easier to use, but there are still less options to choose from than competitors.

Promised delivery time: Depends on the location of the restaurant and the queuing time. 

Instant messaging: Right after your order, you’ll be sent the driver’s contact number and then you’ll get real-time updates.

Delivery charge: Varies depending on the distance but it’s usually pretty reasonable.


• Direct contact with the driver (you get their number right after placing an order).

• Functionality within the Grab app.

• It calculates estimated waiting time, exact food prices and delivery charge before ordering.

• Many promo codes for new users.

• Lots of rewards and next-order discounts.


• They charge more when you order less or just one item.

• Limited venues.

• Some restaurants include extra tax.





Night owls might love this: you can order 24/7, no matter how far the distance is between you and the restaurant. Lineman has more venues to choose from than the rest, but the high delivery fees really take the shine off.

Promised delivery time: Depends on the distance and the queuing time.

Delivery charge: The special fee starts at B10 within 6km. The normal fee starts at B55; you get charged B9 for every kilometer after that. There’s a B100 surcharge between midnight and 7am.


• The delivery driver calls every step of the way.

• Covers nearly every restaurant on Wongnai.

• The app always offers promos for discounts.

• Still more choices at night compared to other competitors.

• It scales down special promos around your present location.

• Notifications throughout the delivery process, letting you know when the driver has arrived at the restaurant, how much it will cost and approximately how long it will take.


• Some restaurants show only menus without prices.

• Most menus are in Thai and you may have to zoom in on some poorly uploaded ones.

• Pay by cash only.






Quick, easy and fast, Foodpanda’s reputation precedes it. But that’s not always a good thing, either. Lost or incorrect orders, questionable customer service and an unfriendly interface prevent this app from dominating the competition.

Promised delivery time: 25-40 minutes

Delivery charge: B40


• The website provides in English, Japanese and Thai languages.

• Able to preorder food to be delivered when the restaurant opens.

• Free delivery for nearby restaurants.

• Budget filters.


• Minimun order is B50.

• You can’t preorder from every restaurant.

• Less than stellar customer service.

• The app and the website operates differently: the app tends to narrow down restaurant listings to those near your location; its website functions better.





One click and your order is reserved. That makes it easy to use, but the speedy order confirmation is a blessing and a curse, often leading to the need to cancel. We're indecisive, OK?! 

Promised delivery time: 15–40 minutes.

Delivery charge: Fee starts at B10 for "partner" restaurants and B30 for non-partners. It varies depending on the location.


• Free delivery voucher for new users.

• Available for all distrcits in Bangkok.

• You can make more than one order and send them to different addresses.

• Available on Android and iOS for users.


• Only 25 km delivery radius.

• Too few steps for order and price confirmation.

• It only shows estimated prices. You need to wait for the driver to find out the actual price.





Fresh and predictable. Home cooks can order not only raw food, but also everyday ingredients from grocery stores nearby.

Promised delivery time: Scheduled by you.

Instant messaging: Order status update with exact time.

Delivery charge: Fee starts at B66 for the first 5 km. After that, its B2 per km, or if it goes past 10 km, that numbershoots up to B12.


• Delivery time can be scheduled.

• Personal shoppers will be provided for your order, and if what you've ordered is out of stock, they'll suggest suitable substitutes.

• No need to carry heavy items home yourself.

• You can place orders even before a grocery store opens.


• Unable to choose the quality of groceries by eyesight.

• Delivery hours depend on the grocery stores—usually 9am-10pm.

• Scheduled delivery slot can be delayed at times.

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