It’s been a few weeks since we first noticed Broccoli Revolution’s morning glory straws. We’ve since found other restaurants undergoing similar, sustainable conversions. Here are the dining venues staging a quiet, green revolution.

Late stage vegetarianism

Broccoli Revolution owner Naya Ehrlich-Adam has turned her back on wasteful plastic by adopting morning glory stems as the default straw served with every drink in the restaurant. Don't freak out if you aren't willing to suck your acai berry smoothie through a vegetable. They will still keep the option of plastic straws. Aside from the new veggie straws, the restaurant has also introduced plant-based food containers and bioplastic cutlery for take-away packages. 


Restauranteurs unite

In a promising move, many restaurateurs have joined the ranks of those seeking to reduce their carbon footprint. At Seven Spoons and Hazel’s you’ll find a gamut of eco-friendly plastic substitutes: bamboo, Pyrex glass, and stainless steel. Mad Moa is serving up its cocktails without straws or, when necessary, lemongrass straws. In a novel approach to green dining, Mad Moa is also experimenting with baked-leaf plates, which can be used 3-4 times.

Even street food

It’s a good sign for the green movement when even the street food stalls of Nang Leong Market, famous for double-bags and plastic-lined Styrofoam, are making the move to bio-friendly boxes. One kanom pakkad (turnip cake) seller has switched to paper containers, a conversion triggered by customer requests for a foam-alternative for their food.

Conscientious hipsters

Organic Supply, the Lad Phrao oasis for the health-conscious, is carrying a range of natural-made goods and food products, such as brown rice pasta and tea. Over a year ago they began encouraging their customers to use tote bags, and now charge if you ask for plastic (B3-5 per bag). The store also has a basket for paper bag donations, an option for customers in dire need.

A chain restaurant with a heart

Bangkok’s go-to Mexican food chain Sunrise Tacos is trialing a straw-free policy. The Terminal 21 branch is the first to serve its drinks without straws, a decision most customers are happy with. However, straw zealots and climate-change deniers need not fear, straws are still available on request.