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Mediterranean-inspired dishes that are complex, balanced and fresh.

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Every once in a while, one comes across a place that feels more like a home than a restaurant. This welcoming kitchen in the heart of the Old Town is a longtime favorite of the UN types who work nearby, thanks to its tasty, Mediterranean-inspired menu and genuinely caring service. The same care extends to the dishes, made from ingredients that are organic whenever possible, and the cozy, light-filled interiors.

Everything about dinner at Seven Spoons is memorable: the décor is warm and welcoming, the food perfectly executed, the service amicable and genuinely caring.

The kitchen whips up Mediterranean-inspired dishes that are complex, balanced and fresh. The crispy and slightly chewy lentil fritters (B140) have the familiar flavor of Chinese radish cake, while the fresh and light olive cream cheese makes for a lovely combination. In contrast, the summery watermelon salad dressed in aigre-doux vinaigrette (B210) is light, sweet and vibrant. The unconventional combination of candied peanuts, plump tomatoes and fresh greens works really well.

Mains are, for the most part, impeccable. The tender pork chop wrapped in bacon (B440) is a great example of sous-vide done right. The pork is well seasoned and tender, but it still has texture, bite and plenty of flavor, not to mention a great pairing courtesy of a sweet mango chutney with fresh apple slices and creamy blue cheese potato croquettes.

The only thing that’s not quite on-point is the pasta for the crab ravioli (B280), which was slightly overcooked on our last visit. But we’ll forgive them, since the crab is fresh and the pink peppercorns lift the flavor with a pungent tanginess.

The coconut cheesecake (B160) sounds like a fusion mistake, but the taste is so rich and delicious that you’ll finish it despite being stuffed.

Cocktails deserve no less praise. The Silver Spoon (B250) packs robust flavors of spiced rum, galangal and lime, while Cranberricious (B150) combines cranberry juice, Angostura bitters and mint to beautifully refreshing results. Though far from central Bangkok, this place is a destination unto itself.

Venue Details
Address: Seven Spoons, 22-24 Chakkaphatdi Phong Rd., Bangkok, 10110 Thailand
Phone: 02-629-9214
Area: Rattanakosin (Old Town)
Cuisine: International, Mediterranean
Price Range: BBB
Open since: September, 2011
Opening hours: Mon-Sat 10am-2pm; daily 5-11pm
Reservation recommended
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Seven Spoons