Abbey Road

What: It’s been Cotton’s, Shane, and Freelance, off the top of our heads. Now it’s a themed Beatles joint, Abbey Road.

Look: Two monstrous pictures of the Fab Four cover the walls; voila, theme! Expect a softer, more polished environment than its happily carefree predecessor, but don’t expect any monumental change in layout. It’s a bar. Except now it’s on view - the garden didn’t lose just the foosball table and big screen: the bamboo fence that deflected stares from the street has been removed also.

Music: Beatles, Beatles, Beatles! Quiet rock, and a touch of blues break the repeating catalogue, and live bands (we can only imagine cover bands of guess who) are being scheduled in for future gigs.

People: Laid-back punters looking for a mayhem-free night out, and Beatles fanatics with broken mp3 players.

Don’t miss: Two-for-one drinks 4-7pm every day – the perfect excuse for an afterwork drinking session in the garden.

Bill: Cocktails from ¥40

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Venue Details
Address: Abbey Road, 45, Shanghai,
Phone: 6431-6787
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 4pm-2am; Sat-Sun 8:30am-3pm
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