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Top Tables 2017 reveals Bangkok's 100 top restaurants

BK Magazine’s Top Tables is the most independent and most respected dining guide in Bangkok. Here’s why.

By Gregoire Glachant | Mar 24, 2016

  • Top Tables 2017 reveals Bangkok's 100 top restaurants

Download the guide as a PDF format here.

Or see the full list of winners online here.


How does BK select the restaurants in Top Tables?

Step 1: In January, the editorial team at BK magazine first creates a shortlist of some 200 restaurants.

It includes:

  • Last year’s Top Tables restaurants
  • Major openings from the past 12 months
  • Well-rated reviews from the past 12 months. (More on BK’s independent reviews here.)
  • Select advertisers.

Step 2: BK selects 30 panelists.

The panel includes:

  • 3 BK food writers and editors.
  • 27 foodies we know to eat out a lot (because they’re friends or because we follow them on Instagram). Some of the aforementioned foodies may be in the industry, meaning they’re involved in restaurants (more on that later).

Step 3: The Panel votes on the Official Selection.

The panelists or judges are given the shortlist of 200 restaurants and, for each restaurant, they’re asked to tick one of three options:

  • Yes, keep it.
  • No, cut it.
  • I don’t know

We then apply a formula to keep only the places with the best Yes:No ratios. This year, we kept 100 places. 

How do you select the Top 30? Is that done by BK or the panelists?

It’s also done by the panelists. Each panelist selects their top 10 restaurants. We compile their responses into a top 30.

Panelists cannot vote for venues they are associated with.

Is your list of panelists public?

No. Some of them don’t want the publicity. And we don’t particularly want them getting courted by award-savvy PRs.

Do advertisers get preferential treatment?

Beyond the fact that they’re included in the shortlist, no, they don’t. The system works as described above. The panelists vote on the Official Selection and the Top 30 and we keep only the top ranked places. BK has no influence on that ranking.

I have a restaurant. How do I get in your list?

Making great food with excellent service in a beautiful location is a good start. Sadly, it’s not always enough. Also make sure your work gets noticed. Buzz does matter when it comes to awards.

Is this fair?

Top Tables is a great way to recognize restaurants that are well loved in Bangkok. And the system is as independent, honest and democratic as we can make it. If you have suggestions on how to improve the process, we’re open to them. And, of course, you’re also welcome to disagree with the results. It wouldn’t be any fun making a top list if everyone agreed with it.

Think you’ve got what it takes to be on the panel? Have suggestions on how we can improve? Email


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