Yup, Opposite Mess Hall is closing. But it might not be forever.

2 hours ago
Rediscovering Forgotten Thai Masters of Photography

There's way more to this month than Maroon 5 and Muse. Here are our picks of September's best nightlife, live music, art, comedy and more.

9 hours ago
The tastemakers behind some of the city's best-loved multi-label fashion stores reveal what they’ve picked for this season and why.
1 day ago

Landscape architect Yossapol Boonsom, 38, launched the non-profit organization Friends of the River (FOR) in a bid to prevent construction of the Chao Phraya Riverside Promenade. This highly-divisive, B1.4 billion government project will see 14km of the river turned into a walkway and bike lane. Its detractors say not enough thought has gone into either the aesthetic or environmental consequences of such a massive construction project. Here, Yossapol discusses how the promenade could change Bangkok’s riverside.

4 days ago

The Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP) announced its 2015 edition of the annual Design Excellence Award (DEMark) on Aug 3. Featuring 69 winners from six categories, the event highlights those who will go on to exhibit at the Good Design Exhibition in Tokyo on Oct 30-Nov 4. Here, we’ve selected eight of our favorite products.

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These sweet treats will please your taste buds, and blow your mind.

4 days ago

With Anantara Siam’s World Gourmet Festival lined up for Sep 7-13, you’ve got a total of 14 dinners to choose from cooked by seven chefs from around the world. If you were to eat a dinner with each of them, it would cost you B48,900. Here’s where we’d put our money. 

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Artist's impression of Rod Fai Market Kaset-Nawamin

The new night market on Kaset-Nawamin Road may well be founder Pairod Roikaew's most ambitious plan yet.

4 days ago

Surprise, surprise, the winter festival season is heating up.

5 days ago
Big Father, Small Father and The Other Stories
In preparation for the coming of the AEC, the Ministry of Culture, the National Federation of Thai Film Associations and SF Cinema will host a four-day film festival from Aug 27-30. Check out the highlight trailers below.
5 days ago
The World Famous Congee at Taper

Meet the hottest plates in town.

5 days ago
Bamboo Bar

A stiff drink and a feast for the eyes. Here are Bangkok's bars that make a big first impression, in no particular order.

5 days ago

Bored of all the EDM fests? Fear not, there's plenty of live rock and indie to get excited about over the coming weeks. 

6 days ago
New Venue: A-very-wear
 A minuscule multi-label store which puts the focus on streetwear and accessories from up-and-coming cult designers from around Asia. 
New Restaurant: Mother May I
Set in a glass house surrounded by lush greenery, this Thai restaurant aims to offer an inner-city escape.
New Restaurant: Toast.Aree
This new garden cafe in Ari specializes in the ultimate home-style comfort food: toast.
New Venue: Imaginia
A massive interactive playground for kids. (And we're jealous.)
New Bar: The Third Pig
A serious cocktail bar themed after the Three Little Pigs fairy tale. 
New Restaurant: Lab Ramen Burger
Bangkok's first spot for fusion ramen burgers.
The Old Town welcomes a cooking school, gallery, co-working space and chef's table, all rolled into one.
This casual neighborhood bar is named after the French phrase for a place where young interns drink.
New Restaurant: Tim Ho Wan
The world's cheapest Michelin-starred restaurant has arrived in Bangkok. 
New Restaurant: Simmer
Traditional Thai dishes taken from the cookbooks of Paega publishing house.
New Restaurant: Jasmin Hong Kong Restaurant
If you’re after a convenient, no-frills space to enjoy Chinese delicacies at a decent price, we can think of very few places better in Bangkok.
New Restaurant: Broccoli Revolution
Sukhumvit Soi 49's lively addition to Bangkok’s vegetarian scene. 
New Restaurant: Theo Mio
The first foreign outpost for British chef Theo Randall. 
 A multi-label store for gents going for that rugged and unkempt lumberjack look. 
New Venue: Maduro Barber
A retro barbershop run by an Australian with more than 12 years’ experience with the scissors
New Venue: Under Armour
The US sportswear brand launches its flagship store in Bangkok.
New Restaurant: Tan-Yu Tofu
One of the most popular spots on Bangkok’s pastel tofu jelly dessert scene.
New Venue: The Secret Service
A brand new secret-agent-themed hostel with rooftop bar near Khaosan Road. 
New Restaurant: Casa Lapin x Ploen Chit
One of the first niche coffee specialists in Bangkok has gone full restaurant for its Phloen Chit venue.