In the hurleyburley of Sathorn, Yenakart gives you a bit of break from it all. The Backroom set itself up in this business district to dole out booze and high quality seafood sourced from all over Thailand.
Vintage elements surround the scene with lush velvet cushions and black and gold accents lend the venue a chic saloon look.
The bar at Backroom uses the art of clarification in their signature sips, producing a drink that goes down smoother. They use Thai and Asian ingredients like in the Gin & Juice, given the Backroom treatment with Chanthaburi Calamansi syrup on top of some zesty fruit. 
They have a full stock of premium spirits so you can order your favorite classics and get out of your comfort zone here.
Apart from the drinks, their bites highlight Thai seafood from seasonal sashimi (B450) imported from Ulak Lawoi and the Satun sourced uni capellini with garlic cream sauce and black caviar (B450).
35/5-35/7, 2F, Soi Si Bamphen, 088 961 5546, Open Tues-Sun 6pm-late.