Crime rings, underground operations, Chinese immigrant gangs—these are the labels that are associated with the notorious “Ang Yi.” But, this Yaowarat bar wants to put a new narrative on this name for their drinking den.  

Illicit “Ang Yi” societies popped up in Chinese communities in Thailand in the 19th century, but it later became a catch-all phrase for secret societies after the OG gang gained notoriety during Rama V’s reign. 
“It has such a negative image but it’s also about Chinese immigrants coming together and supporting each other like family,” co-founder and bartender Athit Keawkliang tells BK. “For those that arrived empty handed, it was their first home.”
At the venue, rustic and exposed cement walls stand in harmony with the old building’s accents. These details are an ode to the architectural designs commonly found in Yaowarat’s many shrines. 
“Because it's a secret society, we also turned it into a speakeasy, exploring another gray area but in America’s 1920s prohibition era,” says co-founder Siwakorn “Earth” Kijnitikorn. 
Photo: Yaowarat Park / Ang Yi
On to the drinks: Yaowarat Park is a gin-based tipple with a calming emerald green tint, hinting at the refreshing melon and ginger flavors—decorated with an oasis sponge and flora. 
"Lao Lao” is also another one to try. Named after dishes typically served in upscale Chinese restaurants, particularly the stir fried sesame oil octopus, this glass starts off sweet but ends with a creamy orange foam and the lingering scent of sesame oil.
Photo: Eia Sae / Ang Yi
Of course, there’s also a negroni variation, a cocktail that can already taste a bit like medicine. Eia Sae is named after Chinese shops and vending machines that sell herbal drinks. This concoction makes the spirit forward drink go down easier with an infusion of chrysanthemum juice and lychee liqueur. 
For a gimmicky way to end the night, the Seam Si takes after fortune telling at shrines and temples. Shake three tubes filled with sticks, the ones that pop out will determine the ingredients in this personalized cocktail roulette. Everything is improvised and the recipe won’t be noted down for seconds.
“It’s good that the recipe isn’t fixed because we can get creative and impress the customers,” Athit says. “It’s a community so we love to hear conversations flowing and people engaging with each other.”

82, Thanon Phat Sai, 092-239-3665. Open daily 5pm-12am.