What is it? Its name “VX” stands for ‘vodka exceptionelle’, an expression of how Grey Goose VX is crafted by the combination of Grey Goose vodka with drops of cognac created from grapes drawn exclusively from the Champagne grand cru, apparently the finest of the six grand cru within the region. Created by Francois Thibault, it has faint essences from orchard fruits, plum, apricot, and mild flavors of wild honey; a strong appeal for both vodka and cognac lovers. 
It was released this month and welcomed by King Power and Bacardi Thailand as it will be available in strictly limited allocations to selected airport locations. So if you’re traveling via Suvarnabhumi Airport anytime soon, make sure you grab a couple of bottles. Otherwise, you can find it at Maxim’s Bistrot at Groove@Central World.