The 4th Wall is a new neighborhood bar in Langsuan from one of the hottest bar names in Bangkok. The crew behind Vesper, a trailblazer on the city’s cocktail scene since 2014, has opened 4th Wall for a  sophisticated twist to classic cocktails with finely crafted drinks and an ever-changing menu. 
The 4th Wall strives to break the proverbial fourth wall between performer and the audience. This new spot lives up to its name by serving classic cocktails to guests with Vesper’s  unpretentious hospitality in a welcoming setting, blurring the line between bartenders and guests.  
British-born Group Bar Manager Tom Hearn, will manage both Vesper and 4th Wall, along with Bar Manager “Mac” Saharat Kaewkong, who was recently head bartender at Vesper and winner of Diageo World Class Thailand 2022. 
The two will lead the 4th Wall team in creating concoctions like the Corpse Reviver No. 2 with gin, French vermouth, lemon, and triple sec; the Adonis with amontillado sherry, manzanilla sherry, and sweet vermouth; and the classic Pina Colada featuring dark rum, fresh pineapple, lime, and coconut cream. Along with the likes of a house Irish coffee and frozen cocktails, this neighborhood bar at the Luxx Langsuan Hotel will change up their cocktails daily to keep patrons coming back. 
Taste Space (previous works include Nusara and Iode) designed the interior of 4th Wall, which was inspired by 1960s European film and its modernist depiction of what the future would look like. The 4th Wall is their vision of a “neighborhood bar” meeting retrofuturism that strives to welcome everyone. It combines vivid and elegant design with a young energy and sense of distinct community. 
Luxx Langsuan Hotel, Lumpini., Open daily 5:30pm-1am.