Formed as a duo back in 2015, TELEx TELEXs added a couple more members when they released their breakthrough single "Labelle," which reached the top of Cat Radio's chart in February of 2016. 

"Shibuya" is the band's fifth single and represents a big leap forward in craftmanship, with a huge synth-driven sound that blows their dream-pop contemporaries out of the water. 

The single, written by synth player Pew with a little help from Nick from Part Time Musicians, tells the story of a breakup that gets awkward when the guy and girl accidentally bump into each other not long after (a narrative faithfully followed in the neon-tinged video clip, see below). The name? Well, when Pew was writing this song, he had just gotten back from Japan.

While the song bears plenty of '80s touchstones (those synths, those booming drums and those sultry horns towards the end), there's plenty of character and confidence to suggest TELEx TELEXs are a band to watch. Speaking of confidence, we're particularly taken with singer Aom's powerful vocal performance.  
All this also translates to an awesome live show (catch them live at Cat Expo, Wonderworld, Feb 4-5). Also, stay tuned for a new single in Jan 2017. See more at