The team behind Teens of Thailand, Asia Today, Tax, and Black King Bar, just introduced another bar to Soi Nana: Independence Bar. Thanks to them, Chinatown has never been more happening.

Forget the typical fancy cocktail bars, at Independence you’ll feel like you’re drinking in an abandoned building with graffiti-covered walls—a dark, grungy vibe with an unfinished feel.

Independence is about the wines: traditional, natural, fortified, vermouth, and of course, wine-based cocktails. Yes, we know “wines” sounds a little intimidating, but Independence Bar’s goal is to offer an uncomplicated, easy-going drinking experience.

The bar is already open, but you’ll need to stay tuned for their signature cocktails menu. Last week they hosted guest shifts from Home Cocktail Bar from Delhi (Apr 25), and on Apr 30 featured Peter Chua—a top bartender from Singapore—hailing from Night Hawk.