Thailand’s craft beer scene is exploding, but with that comes a market that is increasingly saturated by reiterations of global trends—think triple IPAs and the like. Thankfully, there are a handful of homegrown brands trying to cut through that noise. Suntree (slang in Thai for “aesthetic pleasure”) was founded on the idea that Thai craft beer should be original and reflect how people appreciate it—for taste and quality, not binge consumption. The brand’s two core offerings (with two-to-three more on the way) reflect the interplay between local palate and cultural context. Take the Tidlom Session IPA, for example, is a fresh take on the IPA formula that shuns the typical thick-bodied, hazy flavor for something crisp, light, and clean. The result is a beer much better suited for our humid, hot days outside, and the perfect pairing with some spicy gap gleam (drinking food).
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