Liquid lunch, anyone?

  • By bkintern1
  • | Nov 01, 2017

When your cocktail comes with quail egg, grilled chicken, or cured ham, you know the bar is more than a run-of-the-mill watering hole.

Eat Me first fused kitchen and bar with its Sip Some Thai cocktail list back in March. Continuing the hugely successful theme of "Gastronomy in a Glass", mixologist Buntanes "Pop" Direkrittikul has added Street Food Cups to the menu: four cocktails that use the flavors of Thailand’s favorite street food dishes.

We can’t recommend the Khow Mun Kai concoction enough—an explosion of chili, garlic, coriander, and ginger, alongside a generous glug of vodka—it lingers on in your mind (and the back of your throat) long after the glass is empty.

A crushed Serrano ham-rimmed glass and an accompanying fried quail egg make the Kha-Prao Moo-Krob Khai-Dao a tour de force of complexly balanced textures and flavors. Close your eyes and you’d swear you were mid-lunch at a side street stall, if it weren’t for the kick of rum.

Pop doesn’t shy away from the bolder flavors of Thai cuisine. The Phad Cha (vodka, finger root, green pepper, chili, citrus, oyster sauce & dried chili syrup) is wincingly potent but beyond delicious.

A cocktail garnished with long beans and a tomato wedge may seem utterly bizarre, but the vodka-based Som-Tum Poo Pla-Ra’s tingling spice and fragrant flavors of tomato, garlic, and lime will immediately silence any haters.

All Street Food Cup cocktails cost B350.