The recently renovated Jim Thompson F&B wing has introduced a range of fresh additions to Bangkok's nightlife and dining scene—The Silk Cafe, Jim’s Terrace, and the new Jim Thompson Restaurant opening in September. Along with these is the OSS Bar, a bar celebrating the clandestine life of Jim Thompson himself. 
Exuding secret service vibes within a cozy second-story venue, the OSS Bar is set for a soft opening soon. 
The menu, or "Field Manual," unfolds the story of the business man, designer, and Office of Strategic Services operative Jim Thompson, recounting his life of espionage and adventure—including reviving the Thai silk industry before his mysterious disappearance in 1967. 
At the helm of OSS Bar is none other than Bangkok's bartending luminary, Khun Ploy Siriwan Sinpan, renowned for her extraordinary work at Vesper and the Sukhothai Bangkok’s Zuk. She’ll be crafting cocktails infused with Thai and international liquors, herbs, spices, and creative infusions. 
During the soft opening phase, the cocktail selection will see each drink priced at B450. You can try everything from the Golden Banana, inspired by a night of gunfire at a nightclub, or the sweet Grandpa-pa for the spy and silk magnate’s maternal grandfather, James Harrison Wilson. But, hidden at the menu's finale lies the enigmatic “The Mystery,” crafted with Remy Martin Louis XIII, a first for Thailand. The price of this drink is disclosed upon request, only for the most discerning of patrons.
The space balances the realms of Hollywood deco jazziness with the famed Thai teak house aesthetics. It’s a speakeasy ambiance above the tourist scene and greenery below. The house from the eponymous Jim Thompson is a longtime tourist attraction, featuring Thai architecture built in the 1950s from 19th century buildings. 
Correction notice: A previous version of this article claimed the bar would be opening on Sep 1. This has since been amended. 
Photos: OSS Bar / Phoebe Storm 
Jim Thompson House Museum, 6 Kasem San Soi 2, 02-216-7368.