In a city that never sleeps, Sundry makes you feel like the sun's always out. Nestled in a four-story orange building, Sundry’s multi-terrace space draws inspiration from the colors of sunrise and sunset.
Each floor of Sundry serves a different purpose. The first floor, aptly named the Sunrise Room, hosts rotating art exhibitions, combining culture with cocktails. Ascend to the second floor, the Sunkiss Room, which will soon house a Thai tapas restaurant. 
The third floor is the Studio Bar, which represents the twilight period. Here, you can enjoy drinks, watch bartenders craft cocktails, and listen to hi-fi DJ tunes. For those seeking a more laid-back atmosphere, the fourth floor, known as the Soleil Lounge, is a room that is a work of art in itself. The brightly lit orange roof is similar to stepping onto a James Turrell colored light piece where the sky meets the earth.  
Sundry Bar’s drink menu reads like a Thailand guidebook, taking you to different local spots. Drinks from the BKK Itinerary Guide are only available depending on the time you’re at Sundry. For something sweet, delicate, and creamy, opt for the Elephant Pants (B380), which is only available from 8 pm to 9:59 pm and includes sage, coconut sugar, fresh coconut, and Issan rum.   
The Heat Index category offers refreshing, sour, and fizzy concoctions perfectly suited for drinking in Bangkok’s humid climate. Try the Gin & Fizz (B460), a gin and tonic infused with flavors and aromas of rose apple, basil, and tiger’s ear tonic water.   
In a city known for its counterfeit products, Sundry introduces Grade AAA, a chapter dedicated to Bangkok’s top bars and their iconic drinks while adding a distinctive twist of their own, like the Soho Haus’s chili-infused tequila or Tea O’ Tee’s tea-infused gin.   
Explore the Thai Beaches category for more tropical tiki-style drinks made with local ingredients from seaside provinces. We recommend Koh Samui (B440), a blend of soursop, Hokkaido milk, vanilla, honey, and Kilo gin. For this creamy concoction, the bartender tirelessly shakes the drink until every bit of ice disappears. This labor-intensive process results in a velvety smooth texture, like a solero split ice cream. 
For a warm and welcoming one-stop shop featuring live DJ sets, take a walk on the sun in Silom. 
8, Rama IV Rd, Silom., 094-922-9562. Open daily 6pm-late.