The buzz: At the end of last year, the talent behind Vesper birthed the 4th Wall, and the new venture promises to be another instant classic for Bangkokians who know their cocktails. Consistently retaining a spot in Asia’s 50 Best Bars from 2016-2023, Vesper is easily among the city’s most celebrated nightlife venues, running on innovative cocktails and carefree conversation. This new spot is helmed by bar manager Saharat “Mac” Kaewkong.
The vibe: On the second floor of Luxx hotel, guests are greeted with an understated, jade-colored door which opens into a hallway that resembles an airplane aisle, kind of like entering a 60s-inspired spaceage set. The bar is designed by Taste Space, a veteran architectural design company that worked with the likes of Nusara and Iode. The arched shapes, curved furniture, and bauhaus decor are the finishing touches to this retrofuturist look. The 4th Wall offers a more spacious seating area than Vesper, with plush tangerine sofas for group hangs and an open counter bar.
The drinks: Proving that the classic cocktail revival trend is alive and thriving in Bangkok, 4th Wall opened without a signature menu last year. Instead, the venue’s signature is their rotation of crowd faves and niche classics that change daily. The liquid du jour is sectioned into three categories. To start off the night, we ordered the Paloma (B420), the lesser known Mexico-origin sister of the Margarita. Paloma is Spanish for “dove” but some say the cocktail got its name from the pomelo which is one of the key ingredients of this summertime drink. The punchiness of the tropical fruit is rounded out with splashes of tequila, soda, and salt on the rim. Then it’s on to the passion fruit margaritas and lychee martini churning in the slushie machine at the corner of the bar. But don’t let the sweet taste fool you; these cocktails pack a punch. Keeping things fresh, the slushie specials get swapped out on a weekly basis. Upping the stakes, we picked the Scofflaw (B420) for a second glass. Named after those who sneakily sip during prohibition, the tipple is based with rye whiskey, dry vermouth, and a subtle lemon zestiness. To finish the night strong, we opted for the Toronto (B500), another whiskey-forward drink akin to an Old Fashioned or a Manhattan but with a distinctive botanical aroma and extra bitterness from the fernet. 
The food: Since 4th Wall is all about classic drinks, the snacks keep with the theme. Vesper fans who migrated here won’t miss out on the bar’s top notch guacamole because the 4th Wall has as a local fusion of the guac (B200), mixing the avocado dip with a popular Thai seafood sauce, extra lime juice, fish sauce, and chili. It adds a heat to the dish but can be easily offset with a side of rich sour cream and tortillas. Keep an eye out for their cold cuts (B600), which consist of earthy slices of Iberico, spicy salami, truffle cheese, aged parmesan, and some warm sourdough.
Why we’d come back: With a comprehensive classic cocktail menu that changes everyday, 4th Wall is the perfect place for newbies and cocktail lovers to rediscover old favorites. For those who are interested in bar hopping, Langsuan also has its fair share of new bars popping up.
2F, Luxx Langsuan, 828 Renaissance Bangkok Ratchaprasong. Open daily 7pm-2am.

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