Set on the 61st Floor of Phloechit’s One City Centre building, Akara Sky Hanuman intends to be the next landmark for tourists and neighborhood party goers searching for a crash course in Thai culture.
The OCC sets itself apart from the other office buildings downtown, already a hit destination for its lush green hidden spots and futuristic chrome orb fountain. Akara Sky Hanuman kicks off a wave of new space in the building. 
You might have heard of Hanuman through mythical retellings, religion, or Dev Patel’s directorial action and revenge debut “Monkey Man.” But the legend of Hanuman is more close knit in Thai society than we think. 
Taken from the pages of Ramakien epic, the bar area is established inside the state of the art Hanuman statue. Inside the mouth, to be precise. It mirrors the story when Hanuman expands its figure so it can shield Rama’s pavilion from harm, exhibiting Hanuman’s undying loyalty and strength.
Though it’s inspired by traditional art, the venue modernized this mythical entity with an all white exterior and some of Akara Hospitality house staples: dazzling disco balls.
The bar’s high location means that there are rarely any buildings obstructing the sunset and the blinking city skyline. There are both private and community areas to choose, including seatings with a massage service. 
Their signature cocktails are designed by Lost in Thaislation’s Suchada “Fahbeer” Sopajaree who concocted a list of drinks based on Thai fruits. However, we heard that the next installment, “Amazing Thailand,” will bring in an extra wow factor. 

We recommend the Farang (B590), which uses the juicier pink guava instead of the common starchier white guava. This is already a refreshing ingredient on its own but coupled with vodka and the surprisingly complementary shot of espresso, you’ll be on high alert the whole night.
A popular order is the Som-O (B620) with a fluffy rosy foam on top, replicating the famous Prik Klue, a common Thai fruit dip made up of chili flakes, salt, and sugar—which you’ll taste before the tropical and slightly acrid flavors of tubtim siam pomelo. 
They will also add some slushie cocktails to the list soon. For those who like a little zesty and easy-to-drink cocktail, keep an eye out for the passion fruit honey vodka.
A generous selection of food is at the ready, from Thai street food meatball and sausage platter (B320) to the addictive spicy tuna maki (B550). The portion is best shared with two to five people. 
Fans of pop icon 3D ice cream will also catch a location exclusive Hanuman treat as well. But if you don’t want to order extra, there’s complimentary truffle popcorn on hand. 
In the rainy season, a rooftop bar isn’t necessarily the city’s favorite hangout spot, but because this venue still has some areas in the shade and a vinyl curtain that comes down to protect you from the splash, you can still enjoy a live DJ session pumping out everything from Bruno Mars to Tik Tok sensation Tyla.
Creative Director of Akara Hospitality, Ruch Kawin, tells BK that they intend for the customers to bar hop and get different entertainment experiences in one building—hence why the 58th floor is slowly being transformed into an art lab virtual exhibition with another bar and restaurant.
61F, OCC - One City Centre, 548 Phloen Chit Rd., 092 888 6332, Open daily 5pm-late