Changwon Express, the cozy, little yellow-painted craft beer bar tucked next to MRT Petchaburi, now wants you to drink their Thai craft beer selections with "KFC" — or Korean fried chicken.

If you’re thinking of something like Bonchon, you’re wrong. The bar's Korean owner Ted Ahn wants to bring a taste of "real" traditional Korean fried chicken to Bangkok, the kind that he eats back at home: crisp, juicy, spicy. 

Choose between half (B220) or full chicken (B400), thinly battered and then slathered in gochujang (red chili paste made with chili powder, glutinous rice, fermented soybean powder and barley malt powder), which Ahn makes in-house. If you're afraid of the heat, you also have the option of having more sauce on the side. Your bird also comes served with fries and garlic mayo.

While Changwon Express's previous menu served up playful Korean-Mexican fusion cuisine, the latest version goes for straightup comforting classics like Korean ramen (B120). Pair your meal with Thai craft beers from labels like Eleventh Forth and Beat Brewing (B220).

The chicken is only available at Changwon Express's Petchaburi branch, and not the Flow House branch.

37 Asoke Din Daeng Rd., 092-251-8661. Open Mon-Sat 5pm-midnight